National Make a Difference Day is Oct 23: Ways You Can Make An Impact


Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

There are many ways that you can make a difference everyday. Tomorrow’s Make A Difference Day is a great time to start.

Making an impact in someone’s life, no matter how small or how large, can go a long way. Whether you donate to charity organizations or help your family around a house, making a difference in someone’s life never goes unnoticed. National Make a Difference Day, which will be on Saturday, October 23, 2021, is a day dedicated to making these changes. Want to know how you can help make a difference? Read below to find out how you can help:


Making A Difference In Your Community

There are various ways to make a difference in the area you live in. From helping organizations to adding a touch of positivity to a stranger’s day, here are some ways you can help impact your community:

Volunteering is always a great way to get involved and make a change. Whether this be helping out at a local animal shelter , working at a soup kitchen, or even spending some time at your local senior citizen center, volunteer work is a great way to assist those in need, and instill some positivity into your fellow citizens’ lives.

Helping out the younger generations in your community is also a great way to make a difference. This can include aiding your local middle schools if they need some assistance, or tutoring a younger student. You can also help out children in areas that you are passionate about, like hosting a youth athletics event for sports enthusiasts. 

Actions speak louder than words, and random acts of kindness proves this statement to be true. Holding the door open for the customer behind you at a store, smiling at the stranger you pass on the street, or even leaving out a bottle of water and snacks for your mail carrier are all acts of great compassion. These acts of kindness will brighten the day of the people you impacted, which can go a long way considering you never know what anyone is going through. 


How To Make An Impact In LRHS

Making changes are not just limited to helping your community; there are many ways students can make a difference in their own school as well.

Cleaning up your messes, whether they be in lunch or in a science lab, are small, yet impactful changes you can make. Cleaning up after yourself instead of relying on the hard-working maintenance staff shows immense respect for them within our school and their hard work. Maybe even throwing away your lunch can save a staff member a minute or two of their day, allowing them to arrive home to their family earlier than they expected to.

Organizing fundraisers throughout your school is another way to make a difference and impact a specific organization. Here at Lakeland Regional High School, many of our extracurricular activities dedicate their time toward setting up and implementing different charitable fundraisers to help support certain causes. If you have an idea to help make a difference for a certain cause and/or group, reach out to your staff members at LRHS who can help guide you through the process of making your plan a reality. 

Showing kindness to your fellow classmates and teachers is another way to make a change. You never know what anyone is dealing with outside of school, so it is important to be kind and add some positivity to your peers’ lives. Showing respect, politeness, and generosity are all great ways to make a difference in your school.


Personal Life, Personal Differences

Ever wondered how you can make a difference for your family and/or yourself? Check out the ideas below to get inspired:

Helping out around your house is a great way to make an impact on your family’s’ lives. Whether this be cooking dinner for your parents and siblings one night or doing the laundry your parents always do, these actions can go a long way. They can help express your gratitude for your family and all that they do for you, allowing them to know how appreciated and loved they truly are.

Making a difference does not always have to be for someone else; making a difference for yourself is just as important. Prioritizing your mental health, and reaching out for help when you need it can help make your life much more enjoyable and positive. Doing what is best for you can then allow you to have the time to go out and make a difference for others.


Create A Change This Make A Difference Day

Making a difference is such an amazing thing to do. Whether you make a change in your community, your school, your personal life, or for the world, your actions will never go unnoticed. Not only will you feel great about your good deeds, but the individuals and/or group you are contributing to will be greatly appreciated. So, how are you going to make a difference this October 23?