Cancel Twitter: Not Your Average App


Image by Nikon D750 from Pixabay.

Twitter is overly toxic and has uncomfortable communities within it.

Almost everyone has at least one type of social media app. Whether that be Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter. However, there is a greater evil of these, and that is  Twitter. Twitter is its own different breed of social media full of anger and hate. 

Twitter is almost 16 years old, being founded on March 21, 2006 from Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. Many famous celebrities use Twitter, and the app contains many communities according to Britannica.

Twitter may look like a plain ol’ app that you scroll through until you get bored, but it is much more than that. Twitter is infamous for canceling people like Youtubers and celebrities. And, no matter who you are or the situation, there will always be one person to start an argument with you and complain about you. 

There are a slew of users that make Twitter look like a trash bin; however, the ones that stand out the most are the “stanners”. Take “Dream Stans,” for instance. This Twitter community is overly obsessed with Dream, a famous Minecraft Youtuber. They would typically post disgusting things they would do to him and make explicit fan-art with him and his friends, among other cringe worthy acts. This can happen to almost anyone, but it is highly noted to Dream due to his massive success. He has said himself that he doesn’t like these stans of his community. This reinforces how toxic Twitter can be. 

On top of this, cancel culture is more infamous on Twitter than any other act. You got someone you hate? Head down to Twitter and post everything they have done wrong. The idea is to take something someone had said or done that it no longer accepted and hated culturally, expose them for it, and potentially ruin their career.

Cancel culture is good in some cases, but is overused. It is seen as a way to shut down celebrities people don’t like for one thing they did from over 5 or more years ago. Most of the time, people canceled on Twitter never make a return. Jenna Marbles, former Youtuber, left YouTube in 2020 due to this. She isn’t the only one either.  PewDiePie, another famous Youtuber, deleted his account back in 2019 and called Twitter a “cesspool” according to Dexerto. He then reactivated, but only to prevent people taking his name. In the end, he left Twitter for what it had become. 

Twitter also has a premium feature called “Twitter Blue”. It is a paid subscription service for Twitter which gives you basic features other social media apps give like undoing a post, bookmarking different tweets, and Reader Mode. All three of them should not require a subscription to use, especially undoing a tweet. Though the price is minimal, it’s unnecessary, which again demonstrates why Twitter is the worst. 

Even with all that, Twitter can still be used as a regular app. It can act as a source of information as giant mainstream news articles have Twitter accounts such as NBC News. Big news titles are typically placed at the top of Twitter. Twitter can be used as entertainment as well. It can be used for entertainment too, like seeing the latest post of celebrities.

Users of Twitter: rethink your decision on your account for this app. You are bound to find someone that is either annoying or toxic. There are other apps that don’t have a reputation like Twitter. Or, simply take the leap and do not use social media at all.