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Making Lakeland Even Stronger

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Lancers should work together to create a school full of community and not division.

As students, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves and others for the better. By using our knowledge, opinions, and curiosity we can all work together to build Lakeland Regional High School, creating a school full of pride and unit.

Lancer Unity
To start, we need to foster more unity. Instead of comparing our different teams, clubs, classes, etc., we should all come together and support each other.

Junior Brooke Post told the Ledger how she sees divide in the athletic department. “It is all over the place in the sense that most sports compete with one another over who is more important when really it’s just the stance that we are all Lancers.” However, there are coaches, Coach Ryan McCarney for one, who are working to bring these ties together. Coach McCarney, who is head coach of both football and basketball, has his team support others in the school, like the All School production and Coffee House.

LRHS also has a wide variety of clubs and electives, making it inclusive for everyone. On top of that, students are able to suggest a new club or elective that may not be available if you aren’t interested in anything else. We need to support each other’s interests, and acknowledge that everyone is different.

As a Lancer, we need to follow the lead of Coach McCarney’s teams and start showing up for our other sports teams and school events. Don’t be afraid to get loud and proud. No one sport, player, club, school event is better than the other. Getting caught up in a season’s wins and losses makes it easy to become critical to each other. Remember, we gain new friendships and connections by being inclusive. Without each other we wouldn’t be Lancers.

Respect and Rules
As students, the way we act reflects on our school as well. By acting mature and taking things seriously our Lancer pride and respect looks stronger than ever. Senior Emily Gamarello said, “As a student I think that we all need to mature a little bit in the halls and in classes.” We Lancers may not agree on the rules or think that some are outdated, but we must do our best to try and follow the rules given.

LRHS’ staff is also doing their best to implement the rules and give us the best education available. As students, we may not understand why they have to follow the rules and implement their own, but we must do our best to respect them.

How To Be a Better Lancer
Overall, we should all be proud to be Lancers! As students here, we have amazing opportunities given to us and should take advantage of that. This year try to get more involved with our school. Try out a new sport that you may be taking an interest in. Join a club about a topic that you are passionate about. Get loud and show up to as many events that can.

This year, make it your goal to show off as much pride as possible and make our school a more positive, dynamic, and spirited place.

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Mia Frasca
Mia Frasca, Staff Writer
Mia Frasca is a freshman at Lakeland Regional High School. She joined journalism 1 as an elective and hopes to become a better, more experienced writer. Frasca picked this elective because she enjoys writing about sports, entertainment, real world problems, and school events. She is a first year wrestler at LRHS and hopes to go into physical therapy after schooling.

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