Behind the “Screens” of The Lancer Ledger


Ella DeBonis

Journalism class hard at work in the media center.

Three year staff writer, Morgan Uhlhorn, helps give directions about the class’s deadline. (Ella DeBonis)

When it comes from articles about Lakeland news to new COVID updates to Met Gala fashion reviews, The Lancer Ledger produces tons of articles for our readers to enjoy. Readers simply type in The Lancer Ledger and click on an article that seems of interest to them. However, they do not see the process of brainstorming, interviewing, drafting, writing, and publishing that each staff writer and editor puts into that article. Ms. Kali Spoelstra’s class and club take their role as reliable journalists seriously, which is shown in the final product of our work. For all of you that are interested, here are the steps that go into your favorite articles:

Step One: The first step into creating an article is to have a newsroom meeting. Here, topics are brainstormed with fellow writers. This allows us to bounce ideas off of each other and ensure that we have a solid and well executed idea. 

Step 2: From there we send out interviews regarding the subject via google form or verbal interaction. This helps make the articles even more descriptive and informative. We add our responses into the article to give more of a personal touch to the piece. 

Staff writer Emily Becker stands in front of the Service Club’s pinked out door while on assignment to get interviews and photos for her ‘Pink Out’ article.
(Ella DeBonis)

Step 3: We then organize a draft and add in our interview responses along with details to finish out the writing process. This draft could range anywhere from writing a couple notes down to a full fledged outline.

Step 4: Finally we re-read and edit any mistakes that were made and publish that final copy to The Ledger. 

Step 5: Have fun! Journalism class and club is not just work. So many fun memories are made despite taking on the importance of journalism. This can be partially credited to a dedicated advisor Ms. Spolestra. Not only is she extremely supportive in all her students endeavors, but she also provides us with things to help us relax and calm down after a long school day. These things include pizzelles (Ms. S’s Italian cookies she made for the class),  girl scout cookies, and munchkins. 

Staff writer Isabella Adrulli shows her interest in the Harry Potter series as well as the new Harry Potter article that was posted. (Ella DeBonis)

Additionally, after the Media Center renovations, the class got to move into the new space. The class is also privileged with things such as coffee, great conversations, a wonderful working space, and snacks. We have a round table often used for discussions. “I love it, it’s more efficient than being in the classroom as we have better service and can get more done,” said junior and Editor-in-Chief Morgan Uhlhorn. She is dedicated, helpful, and impactful on her classmates.

Freshman Bethany Lamberti shared some things she enjoys about the class, “It’s fun being in journalism class because you get to write articles on current events and your interests. It feels good to work hard on an article and finally see it get published for all to see.” She added, “My favorite memory is having class in the Media Center and working with my friends.”

Staff writer Emily Becker “dumps coffee” on staff writer Bethany Lamberti, via privilege of journalism class – not the dumping – the coffee drinking :). (Ella DeBonis)

Another staff writer and club member freshman Isabella Andriulli told The Ledger, “My favorite memory is going to the college fair and interviewing people we have never met before.” Andriulli also said, “We get to write about things that interest us and collaborate with people that have the same interests as us.”

Now that the important but also the fun aspects of journalism class and club have been explored, check out some of our behind the scenes photos that The Ledger over the year.