Update: New Jersey Masks Mandates


Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

NJ getting leeway on mask mandates.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, all stores, restaurants, schools and public spaces in New Jersey have required you to wear a mask indoors, but as vaccines have been rolling out, stores and other public places have begun lifting their mask mandates, following the guidelines from Governor Phil Murphy’s office. 

As for New Jersey, according to NJ.com, Governor Murphy, has made a statement saying that the CDC is now allowing people to go out without masks unless stated differently from certain establishments, only if they are fully vaccinated. Public spaces have also upped their capacity limit from 30% to nearly full capacity. Murphy also said that people who are not vaccinated, and or not fully vaccinated, are still encouraged to wear masks in large public spaces in order to keep others safe. 

According to Our World In Data, as of June 1rst more than half of all Americans have been vaccinated. According to Nature, more than 3.9 Million in the Garden state area, have now been fully vaccinated. 

As for students, as of this coming fall, Governor Murphy  has required students to go back to school full time, and there will no longer be an option for students to attend school remotely. As of right now, students will most likely be required to wear masks in school, but classrooms will be able to run at full capacity, with teachers and students back in the classroom. However, the governor has hinted that the required mask mandate may change by the fall.