Class of 2021 College Superlatives


Courtesy of Kaylin Ponce

Kaylin will be studying musical theatre at Ramapo.

The Class of 2021 has certainly had their ups and downs. At long last, they’ll be triumphantly moving on past Lakeland Regional High School to future endeavors. Here are the superlatives for their post high school plans.


Biggest College:


Madison Naddeo is attending the most populated college out of the seniors surveyed. University of Central Florida is 1,893 acres and has a student population of 71,913 in Fall 2020.

“New Arena and Dorms – University of Central Florida” by keone (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Smallest College: 

Hailey Whitmore’s school has a student population of only 8,705. She’ll be attending County College of Morris, which stretches 222 acres. 


Best Food:

“Virginia Tech’s Stadium” by Aaron Webb (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Virginia Tech has got Jake Wierer in good hands as they have one of the highest rated dining halls in the country. According to, they’re in the top 3.


Best Dorms:

High Point University will have Ryan Barnhardt living in style. What makes these dorms stick out from the rest is the luxurious views! 


Amber will be studying environmental science at UVM. (Courtesy of Amber Ables)

Dream School:

Dreams do come true for LRHS’s seniors. 66% surveyed said that the school they’re attending was their top choice. Amber Abels will be attending University of Vermont, and Kaylin Ponce will be attending Ramapo College.


Best Sports:

Go Sooners! With 19 Division I varsity teams, Brendan Davidson will be furthering his education among some of the greatest college athletes at University of Oklahoma .


Furthest Away: 

A remarkable 2,415.3 miles away, David, Matt, and Sam Rosenblatt are travelling to Arizona for their next four years. Safe travels!


Alma Mater:

Angela will be studying political science at Rutgers (Courtesy of Angela Trozzo)

Some LRHS seniors are continuing family traditions. Angela Trozzo will be attending her mother’s alma mater, Rutgers University New Brunswick. 


Most Popular School:

The school with the most seniors attending is a tie between Stockton University and Montclair State University. Both schools are in New Jersey. Many will be saying “see you later” to their classmates instead of “goodbye”!


Most Popular Major: 

Seniors are exploring over 30 different majors in their next four years. The top three were nursing, undecided, and engineering. 


The Lancer Ledger wants to give many congratulations to the Class of 2021. We’re proud of you, and good luck after high school!