Class of 2019 Student Profiles


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The Lancer Ledger

Alex Barna – Ramapo College for Special Education

Alex is going to miss Ms. Joseph because she always pushed her to smile and have a good day even when she didn’t want to.

Her advice to the underclassmen is to cherish every moment while you can.

What has changed about her the most since freshman year is her drive when it comes to bettering herself.


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Taylor Boorse – Monmouth University for Business Finance

Taylor’s favorite memory from Lakeland was starting his own club – the Ping Pong Club – and getting over 100 students to participate. The teacher that Taylor will miss the most is Mr. Thomas because, “I wouldn’t pass any of my classes without him.”

What has changed most about Taylor since freshman year? “My height.”

Taylor tells underclassmen to be involved with everything you can.


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Alannah Bulaga – PCCC, Undeclared

Alannah’s favorite memory from her senior year is having David perform on the piano during the holiday pep rally. She also is truly going to miss all of her teachers she has had here at Lakeland.

Alannah’s advice for underclassmen is to turn in your work – even if it is unfinished – it’s better than a zero.

Since freshmen year, Alannah finds herself less anxious, depressed and ready to take on life.


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Christina Covelli – Ramapo College for Marketing

Christina’s favorite memory from high school was when the explosion happened during the remodeling of the STEM room, and we all stood outside. Christina is going to miss Mr. Eric White the most. She says that a lot of students dread going to class when they have English first block, but not her. “He always talks to us about interesting [topics], and I really love going to his class.”

Christina’s advice to underclassmen is to not stress about little things that seem like the end of the world because it’ll get better.

What has changed about Christina the most is her mindset and judgement of character.


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Nick Crespo – Norwich University for Physical Education

Nick’s favorite memory is football season. He is going to miss Mr. Harris, Ms. Lidsky, Ms. Conklin, and Ms. Garofano.

His advice to the underclassmen is to keep his head up and live stress free.

Nick says he has matured a lot since freshman year.


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David DeDonna – U.S. Navy

David’s favorite memory was his junior year gym class and being in Mr. S.’s history class. He credits Mr. S. teaching him a lot about NJ history through tough love.

David’s advice to underclassmen is to enjoy these years at Lakalend because graduation is right around the corner.

Since freshmen year, David’s ideas of what he will be doing after high school has changed and involved.

Good luck in the Navy David – we wish you the best!

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Katie Dempsey – William Paterson University for Music Education

Katie’s favorite memory of high school is going on the band trips to Disney, Universal, D.C., Baltimore and, of course, band camp. She is going to miss Ms. Kunzle, Mr. Truong, Ms. Incardona and Ms. Ozdimir, who all helped her throughout her years at Lakeland.

How has Katie changed since freshman year? She has grown more confident.

Katie’s advice to underclassmen is to “just get your homework done the same day it was assigned. Time management is key.”


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Marly Goldring – Montclair State University for Early Education

Marly’s favorite memory of high school is winning nationals two times with the dance team.

She is going to miss Ms. Rossnagle and Mr. S. She loved having Ms. Ross for art every year of high school, and Mr. S helped her with history and some great advice about life.

How has Marly changed since freshman year? She has matured.

Marly’s advice to the underclassmen is don’t waste time – get everything you need to get done now.


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Rosie Kebabjian – Ramapo College, Undeclared

Rosie’s favorite memory from her time here at Lakeland was making new friends. She is going to miss Ms. Ziegler and hopes she gets a chance to truly say goodbye.

How has Rosie changed since Freshman year? Her attitude towards the future has changed.

Rosie’s advice to underclassmen is to study hard.


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Catherine Maddalena – PCCC for Early Childhood Education

Cat’s favorite memory from high school is seeing her friends five days a week. She is going to miss Mr. Allen and Ms. Joseph because they made her high school years “special”.

How has Cat changed since freshman year? Her attitude towards work and how she treats people.

Cat’s advice to freshmen is to get a head start on your college career.


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Vinny Maddalena – University of Maine for Computer Science

Vinny’s favorite memory from his time at Lakeland was going down the shore with the school. The teacher he’ll miss the most is Mr. Truong.

How has Vinny changed since freshman year? “Since freshman year I’ve changed emotionally and physically into a more mature adult.”

Vinny’s advice to underclassmen is to experience everything high school has to offer.


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Josh Mazar – PCCC, Undeclared

Josh shares that everyday at Lakeland is his favorite, and that’s all because of his favorite teachers: Ms. Curry, Ms. Geyer, Ms. Joseph, and Ms. Mack. They all helped Josh become the person he is today, and he’s grateful he could talk to them about anything.

How has Josh changed since freshman year? He likes to be more social and to be friends with everyone.

Josh tells the underclassman to try it all – the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it.


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Venecia Salas – Study Child Psychology

Venecia is excited to graduate and is going to miss Ms. Vasquez because she has “always been there for me since day one.”

What has changed about Venecia since freshman year? Her perspective on life and her maturity level.

Venecia’s tells underclassmen to be patient.


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Byranna Torres – Eastwick College for Cardiovascular Sonography

Bryanna is going to miss the football games at Lakeland, and shared that one of the best times she had in school was driving the go-carts in gym class. She’s going to miss Ms. Forget, and thanks her for always believing in her when she struggled.

How has Bryanna changed since freshman year? She has become more independent.

Bryanna tells the underclassmen to work hard and enjoy your time in high school – it really does go fast!


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Selena Tucker – PCCC for Sociology

Selena is excited for her journey after high school. After doing two years at PCCC, she plans on transferring to William Paterson to continue studying sociology.

Selena is going to miss having lunch with her friends everyday, and is thankful she got to have Mr. S. as a teacher. “He was wonderful, and he helped me a lot.”

Selena’s message to the underclassmen is to “enjoy high school – four years go by fast!”

Since her freshmen year, Selena has become more mature and feels lucky to have such wonderful teachers help her get to this point.


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Jake Van Dine – Firefighter