Racism: Still Alive, Well and a Problem

By ElIndignado653 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Racism in the United States is still alive, well and a problem to this day. Although we wish it was left past with the Civil Rights Movement, there are still too many incidents going on today involving skin color. Some forms of racism take the form of racial bias, or attitudes or stereotypes that lead to actions and decisions made against a group that falls into that bubble. In modern society, there have been instances of racial bias that are rude, offensive, and need to stop. 

A recent incident came in a Walmart store on Long Island, New York in January of 2019. The Walmart has been accused of racial discrimination because they were keeping African American beauty products and hair care products locked up in a glass case. The latest complaint was on January 28, when Patricia Fulford claimed she had to wait more than 10 minutes for an employee to get her shampoo, and instead of handing it to her, he brought it straight to the counter. When she asked why black grooming products are behind a glass case, the employee said those items were being stolen the most. After she complained to Walmart and on Facebook, the glass doors were taken down on February 1. 

There was also an incident in LA Fitness last year in Secaucus, New Jersey in April of 2018. Two black men were wrongly accused of not paying to work out, and were told to either pay or leave. Tshyrad Oates, one of the men, had signed a four day guest pass. After a half hour, an employee asked him to leave because he “had not paid.” Soon enough, five officers showed up to the gym. Oates then posted a video on Facebook that his friend had been a member for eight years. With no logic reasoning behind the accusations, this is yet another example of racial profiling. 

Also in April of 2018, two black men were sitting in a Starbucks in Philadelphia until the cops were called on them for trespassing and sitting in the store without placing an order. They said that they were waiting for a friend who had just arrived when they were taken out in handcuffs. Witnesses said they were not allowed to use the bathroom because they had not purchased anything, but another customer had used the bathroom and did not buy anything. Another said that she had been sitting there for hours without making a purchase. There were protests following the incident the next day that led to Starbucks closing its stores for a day of racial bias training.

To repeat, incidents like these are easily avoidable and can be extremely rude, offensive and need to stop. By bringing to light what is happening and showing how hurtful and belittling actions can be, we can start to make a change. In today’s world, the racial comments and actions shouldn’t happen and people should treat others with respect. Be a apart of the change.