TikTok: Not as Bad as it Seems


Image by Antonbe from Pixabay

TikTok is not harmful if used the proper way the platform can be useful and educational.

As Gen Z teenagers, we were brought into a world with already developed technology and grew up with a constant use of it; therefore, something we are all used to is lectures from older generations who grew up in a very different environment, reminding us of how we can sometimes be dependent of technology and social media. But, paying attention to some of those lectures, I have realized that all older generations seem to have the same new enemy target: TikTok.

For people who don’t know what TikTok is a video-focused social media platform for creating, watching, and sharing short videos in order to give and receive entertainment. In that short description, the app seems harmless, but to some, espcially from older generations, TikTok is ‘the main cause of everything that is wrong with the modern world.’

Siding with the anti-TikTok people for a small second, it is no secret that the app isn’t harmless; it is a very popular social media app where you can find every type of person, including the not so good type. Of course, this exposes users to cyberbullying, harassment, etc. But to be honest, all of these things happen in any social media from Facebook to Instagram to SnapChat to Twitter, and no matter the negativity, let’s face it, social media isn’t going anywhere.

Not only is TikTok here to stay, but the app can be really useful since it is not only used for entertainment, but also for education and crowd funding. Thanks to its popularity, TikTok can be used to reach a big amount of people in a short period of time, which is very useful. The platform is used to spread educational information, like from therapist Jeff Guenther, who uses his page TherapyJeff, to gives advice on mental health and awareness. Jeff is just one of many medical professionals who use the platform to spread information. Additionally, all types of fundraisers are found on TikTok, and reaching goals is easy and quick due to the enormity of the platform. To top it off, the page also is known to help kick start small businesses that have become successful thanks to the attention on their personal pages and when their page is shared by others with many followers. 

TikTok app is more than just a  social networking service used for entertainment. It is used by mostly young people as an outlet to express themselves, their opinion and their humor in many different ways, and also a way to share important information to users at large.