Stephan Schwab: September

Awarded with September 2022 Science Student of the Month, junior Stephan Schwab has proved to be a stand-out student in the physics labs. Schwab was nominated by science teacher Mr. Giorgi Tchubabria, who acknowledges his student’s “superior mathematical/analytical skills and acumen combined with [his] exceptional natural ability and eagerness to learn.” Mr. Tchubabria says that Stephan is “rare type of student,” always helping his fellow classmates, enthusiastically participating in class, consistently challenging himself academically, setting the tone is his honors level classes- all while still balancing, and managing “his time in such a way” that he is able to participate in various clubs. For the first time in Mr. Tchubabria’s teaching career, Schwab has “consistently scored the highest” on every assessment and has prepared and presented college level worthy extra credit presentations. Mr. Tchubabria is beyond proud of the “humble, diligent, brillant, young student” Schwab is, and expresses what a privilege it has been to teach him.

When Schwab was first notified about his achievement, he was beyond excited. He told The Lancer Ledger that he understands how hard students work to achieve Student of the Month awards, and being selected left him feeling both thrilled and grateful. He had no idea he was going to win his award, but when he arrived to Assistant Superintendent’s Mr. Michael Novak’s office and saw two other students already there, he realized “what [they] were probably all there for.” Schwab is especially happy to be awarded with Science Student of the Month as his physics class is one of his favorites. He enjoys how the class is rarely just “lectures and notes,” but rather full of “interesting labs” and working on assignments with his peers.