Y2K Fashion Trends Coming Back This Summer


Photo from PxHere

Ask your parents to get out their high school fashions – Y2K is back!

Y2K fashion is a popular fashion trend which recreates the early 2000s fashion styles. The style usually has a futuristic vibe, which was very popular in the 2000s due to the turn of the century and a new peak in Internet accessibility. If this summer you wanna go back in time to one of the most iconic fashion eras, here’s what to wear:


Baguette Bags

These amazing bags are a true symbol of Y2K fashion, and they are back and bigger (and smaller) than ever. This bag, referred to as the first ever itbag, is small and the perfect accessory to use on a daily basis, and is the perfect size for phone, gloss, and small wallet. 


Wide-leg Denim Jeans 

Low-rise, bootcut, and wide-leg jeans were considered the Holy Trinity of jeans back in the 2000s, but it is the wide-leg jeans that are making an impact again this summer. Comfortable, cute, and perfect for sunny weather, these jeans are a great match for any type of top, especially the currently trending baby tees. 

Tie fronts and platform sandals are back this summer. (Photo from PxHere)

Tie Front Tops 

Hot sunny day? Don’t let that stop you from dressing cut! Tie front tops were one of the biggest fashion staples in the 2000s, according to The Vou they are usually found in pastel tones with ribbed fabrics. In 2022, the best way to style this would be with colorful mini skirts or high-waisted jeans.


Platform Sandals

According to The Vou, back in the 2000s, it was very popular to use foot wear that added a few inches to your height with stylish sandals. Platform sandals are comfortable and fashionable and definitely will give you that desired perfect summer look.