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LRHS’ 2024 Retirees: A Reflection & Look into the Future

Lancer Ledger
The LRHS Community sends our best wishes to our 2024 retirees.

At Lakeland Regional High School the end of the academic year marks not only the graduation of students but also the retirement of many dedicated staff members.

These retirees have spent decades shaping up the minds and futures of countless students, leaving behind the legacy of excellence and commitment to education. Their guidance, lessons, kindness, and dedication led their students to the places they are now.

This article is for these individuals, who during their long years at Lakeland, have shaped the lives of many current and former students of Lakeland, and have created many memories here at LRHS.


Ms. Regan Fagan

Lancer Ledger

Lakeland is sad to say goodbye to is member of the child study team, Ms. Regan Fagan. Ms. Fagan has been a valued member of the community since she began working here, 18 years ago.

Ever since joining the Lakeland child study team Ms. Fagan has worked as a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant. Someone in her neighborhood was already an employee here and told her about an opening on the team. When she saw the school for the first time she “knew it was the right place for [her] because the people were great as well as the community.”

Ms. Fagan. has loved working alongside of and watching students overcome a variety of different struggles to become successful. She told the Ledger, she hopes that “the students I have worked with know I have tried my best to always have their backs.”

Mr Peter Squire, school psychologist, stated that Ms. Fagan has helped him “navigate the labyrinthine depths of Special Education Code. She’s the Ptolemy and de Champlain of Special Education and I will surely miss her guiding compass.”

In her retirement, Ms. Fagan plans on spending time at her beach house and traveling.


Ms. Landy Lynch

Lancer Ledger

World cuisine teacher, Ms. Laurie Landy Lynch, is also parting ways with the Lakeland community. Voted “Most Unforgettable” by the Class of 2024 in the staff superlatives this year, Ms. Lynch will be remembered by the 17 years she committed to making happy memories with her students.

After coming across a LRHS newspaper advertisement looking for a foods teacher, Ms. Lynch attended a “very encouraging” interview with Dr. Niedosik. When it concluded, she encountered teenagers on their way home from school and felt excited that they might be her students one day.

Ms. Lynch has loved watching her students form bonds with one another, stating that it was an honor “watching kids from different cliques and diverse backgrounds come together over food.” In her time here at Lakeland, Ms. Lynch hopes that she was able to empower her students, teaching them to “be creative, solve problems, and take responsibility.”

Ms. Virginia Vasquez, Spanish teacher, explained that Ms. Lynch is “a great coworker and is very sincere,” later adding, “she is always willing to help.”

After her retirement, Ms. Lynch plans on going down to Virginia to spend time with her grandchildren, hoping to do “more organic gardening and healthy cooking.”


Ms. Rita Mazza

Lancer Ledger


Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Business, Ms. Rita Mazza, is among the staff retiring this year after having spent roughly two decades here at Lakeland Regional High School.

An alum of the Class of 1981 from LRHS, Ms. Mazza knew she would be back at Lakeland, telling the Ledger she had a feeling it would happen one day. After hearing of a job opening in Lakeland from another teacher, Ms. Mazza began her career here as the business teacher. However, her career would not end there. Before long, Ms. Mazza became Dean of Students and eventually took the role of Assistant Vice Principal of Lakeland.

Along the way having many good memories of her time here, Ms. Mazza hopes that the impact she made on the student body of LRHS has helped lead to student success. Throughout her tenure, she has worked hard to be fair when dealing with student discipline and implementation of new rules. Ms. Mazza leaves a legacy of helping make LRHS a more secure school, spearheading the Reunification Plan just this year.

While many are saddened by Ms. Mazza’s retirement, they also hope that she will be happy in this new part of her life. Assistant Principal Dr. Ronald Finkelstein, who has been working with Ms. Mazza for almost 20 years, says he “felt happy for her,” but acknowledges that things will be “very different without her.” Her retirement is also felt by security guard George, who shared, “ She’s been a great boss, and I hope that she’s happy in retirement as she’s earned it.”

Ms. Mazza said that her retirement plan is to go down to Tennessee with her family where she’s been building a new house.


Dr. David Niedosik

Lancer Ledger

Supervisor of Consumer Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology Education and Media Center and UPAL Coordinator Dr. David Niedosik is retiring from Lakeland Regional High School.

Math teacher, Ms. Donna Hess, has been teaching with Dr. Niedosik for 17 years. Ms. Hess expresses a favorite memory of Dr. Niedosik when he somehow found a dead bear on the side of the highway, and brought it to school for the students to dissect! This story shows how he was an extremely humorous teacher and was always thinking of his students and how to make learning fun. Ms. Hess is sad about this retirement, but is hopeful that he will be happy in his new path in life.

Another teacher from the math department, Ms. Erin Murphy, has been working with Dr. Niedosik for 11 years and leaves kind words behind as well. She says that she hopes he has a great time in retirement, and knows he will enjoy Florida in his new kayak.

Staff and students are sad to see Dr. Niedosik go, but everyone is extremely grateful for the good times and lessons that were shared and hope he enjoys retirement.


Other Well Wishes

We also want to send our well wishes and thank yous to two more amazing staff members retiring at the end of this school year – administrative assistant Gail Schwarz and student aide Angelica Sokolovic.

Mr. Thomas Allen, technology teacher, retired in October of 2023. The Ledger featured him in an article that looked back on his 43 year career. 

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    Thomas AllenJun 12, 2024 at 3:44 pm

    Thank you for including me in your article about this year’s retirees. Considering your staff wrote a complimentary article about me when I retired in October I was pleasantly surprised to be a part of the end-of-the-year announcement for retirees.
    I hope to continue to follow news, events, and happenings from Lakeland by receiving The Lancer Ledger email attachments.
    You all do an amazing job producing a quality newsletter for Lakeland!
    Sincerely, Thomas Allen