5 Most Dangerous Daredevil Stunts


Image by Stoppl from Pixabay

The helium balloon that Felix Baumgartner jumped out after reaching 38,969 meters in the air.

When it comes to daredevil stunts,  the stunts themselves need to be past potential death. They need to be eye-catching, unique, and bring fear and anticipation to an audience. These stunts make people say,  “Why do these people do this?”or “I wouldn’t do this in a million years,”and “This could go wrong in many ways.”  

Here are the 5 most dangerous daredevil stunts that both old and new famous stunt actors have done: 

Felix Baumgartner’s Stratosphere Jump

On October 14, 2012, the Australian daredevil took lift off in Roswell, Mexico, and jumped from 38,969 meters. According to Red Bull Stratos, who sponsored the jump, he fell at a velocity of 843.6 mph. He would become the first human to reach the sound barrier in a freefall.  Felix kept control throughout the fall and safely landed back into earth. The video posted in 2012 now has 47.39 million views.

The helium balloon that Felix Baumgartner jumped out after reaching 38,969 meters in the air.  Check out the video here.


Kitty O-Neil’s Rocket-Powered Race Car

In December of 1976, the Texan stuntwoman sat down in the SMI Motivator, a three-wheeled rocket car. According to PBS Thirteen: American Masters, She set off in the Alvord Desert in Oregon and hit an average velocity of 512.710 mph. She broke the women’s fastest speed record by 200 mph and some spectators said that the Motivator reached 618 mph. 


Alain Robert’s Taipei 101 Climb

The Taipei 101, the tallest building of Taiwan, scaled by Alain Robert (Image by happypixel19 from Pixabay)

In December of 2004, Alain Robert, a French urban climber, scaled the 1,679 foot building. The Taipei 101 building is the tallest building in Taiwan, and it took Robert four hours to reach the top. He commonly does not use a harness of any type, but brought one for the added challenge of the wind and rain. Throughout the climb, he talked to the president of the mall, according to NBC News. Check out the video here.

Paul Steiner’s Midair Plane Swap

In 2010, skydiver and daredevil Paul Steiner changed from one glider plane to another. In the video on Youtube, he first leaves the glider he was in and then slides himself on the right side of the glider. He flips under the wing as another glider below him rises up until he is able to sit down on the next glider. 

The first glider then flips and flies over Steiner. He touches the rear wing of the glider above him and leaps off the second glider and lands safely on the ground. According to LincsMag and CBS News, he was going over 100 mph and being more than 6,000 feet above the mountains of Styria, Austria.Like Baumgartner, Steiner was also sponsored by Red Bull.


Robbie Knievel’s Grand Canyon Jump

In the 1990’s, Robbie Knieval cleared the 228 feet jump, setting it as one of his biggest jumps he has done. He flew 55 feet in the area as people cheered and fireworks blasting. He was going at 90 mph and rolled off the bike and landed into hay bales, according to the LA Times