LRHS Fencing: New Players, Growing Team, and a Promising Future


Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook

The dynamic team worked hard to have one of their most successful seasons in recent years.

The Lakeland Regional High School fencing team has had a very successful season that has surpassed their record from last year showing a promising and growing team throughout the 2022 winter season.

According to sophomore player, Arianna Scott, the team has had a competitive season, going against schools such as Holy Angels and Indian Hills. Although they might have as many wins under their belts as they would have liked, the competition has only helped. Junior and fencing captain Melissa Meakem stated, “The team has really improved since the start of the season.

The girls team had a lot of strong veteran fencers to lead the team. (Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook)

Both Scott and Meakem also told The Ledger that the team was like “a family.” Meakem said,  “The team dynamic is outstanding. Everyone on the team gets along so well and during each meet we cheer each other on.” 

In terms of accomplishments, Meakem said, “One high moment this season was [when senior] Luz Montoya and myself qualified for foil individual states.” On top of this, Scott added that older players helped younger players with learning basic techniques quickly, leading some to almost be caught up with experienced players.

The sport is happy to welcome so many boys to the team this year. (Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook)

Along with Meakem’s own accomplishments, many other players this season have stood out as well. She gave a shout out to sophomore Angie Arzayus for epee, junior Ayana Baumgarten for saber and Montoya and sophomore Nicole Arzayus for foils.

Meakem is also excited for next season. A lot of boys joined the fencing team this year, and she has hopes that next year they will have a team for themselves.