Team Building and Shooting for Success: Girls Basketball 2022


Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook

The LRHS Girls Basketball team moving quickly, determined to hold a strong defensive position.

Although the Lancers must say goodbye to three accomplished seniors, the 2022 girls basketball  season was filled with hard-won achievements. With the struggles of the pandemic behind them, the girls were able to showcase their skills and make it to states.

The Lancer Ledger interviewed junior Jordan Carmosino and she disclosed that the team admittedly had some ups and downs, beginning with being closed down for nearly two weeks over winter break which set the team back on their development. However, once they got back to a regular schedule, they continued to improve throughout the season. The great advancements culminated in them qualifying for and attending the state sectional semi-finals.

Apart from this, one of the most unforgettable moments of the season was during the quarter final state game where they faced Demarest. During this game, senior Cameron Unger hit a half-court shot just before the calling of halftime. The season ended with the team claiming a 13-12 record. 

Carmosino voiced that she is grateful that the team was able to have a full season this year without the pandemic shortening it, unlike the previous year. She revealed that the team grew closer and improved skill-wise throughout the season. Their games against Wayne Valley truly revealed to them just how much they had improved. The first time they played, they lost 68 to 30, but the second time they only lost by 14. 

She further elaborated that the team’s hard work aided them to win in their first two state games against Ramsey and Demarest. Carmosino also proudly expressed that a spectacular moment was advancing as far as the semi-finals in states. Although they did not advance to the finals, they got to experience the booming student section as well as fans and the team will never forget it. 

Seniors Rolanda Alvarado, Emily Rod, and Cameron Unger beaming to be a part of LRHS’s girls basketball team. (Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed)

Coach Brian Phillips, told The Lancer Ledger that senior Cameron Unger was the floor leader, who ran the team’s offense and handed out multiple assists per game. Additionally, junior Lisa Star was an anchor for the team on defense. She was often seen seizing double-digit rebounds as well as blocking several shots per game. Carmosino played well for the team all season and was the team’s leading scorer. Her highest scoring game was versus Hawthorne where she had 28 points. Lastly, junior Shannon Harnett achieved a little bit of everything during the season. She nearly averaged a double double for the team in points as well as rebounds. She often had to guard one of the other team’s best players on defense.

A majority of the team will be returning, so Coach Phillips is hopeful that the team will continue to remain successful. Sadly, the team will miss their graduating seniors, Rolanda Alvarado, Emily Rod, and Unger. However, Coach Phillips and the team will never forget what accomplishments all three of these seniors have added to the team and wish them exciting and successful futures. 

Fantastic job during this 2022 basketball season and best of luck for the seasons to come!