Diving Headfirst Towards Victory: Swim 2022 Season

The girls swim season was full of smiles in and out of the water!

Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed

The girls swim season was full of smiles in and out of the water!

Though the 2022 Lakeland Regional High School and West Milford High School swim season has come to an end, the memories and records set by the talented athletes will never be washed away. For it being just the fourth year LRHS has had a varsity swim team, 13 out of the 22 school records were smashed this season. 

The Girls Making A Name For Themselves

The girls team was 7-5 this season, with each swimmer improving every meet. And the season just kept getting better – for the first time in Lakeland history, the girls team advanced all the way to states.

The girls all triumphed this season, with many of the athletes earning numerous medals and setting records. Coach Patricia Kebrdle highlighted freshman Emily Kebrdle who “finished first in individual races at the conference meet as a freshmen.” Swimmers including senior Riley Catalioto, senior Monica Sperzel, junior Isabelle Kuhn, and junior Nicole Magee were also acknowledged by Coach Kebrdle for their various accomplishments this season.

Just like how the girls shine in the water, their conference medals shine for everyone to see as well!
(Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed)

In terms of next year’s season, the future’s looking bright for the girls team. Coach Kebrdle and the girls all agree that one of their major goals for next year is to make it to states yet again.

The Fun-Filled Boys Season

The boys had a season worth remembering. From making improvements at every meet to lots of team bonding, the 2022 swim season for the boys was one the greatest yet.

Freshman Michael Jakubaszek spoke with The Lancer Ledger, and explained how the team started their season with “two losses and no wins, to winning multiple meets with large score gaps.” With every meet, “each swimmer…showed great progression,” and Jakubaszek is incredibly proud of his teammates.

Jakubaszek went into this season wanting to have the “best team” the boys could possibly be. To Jakubaszek, this meant having a great time and positive attitude toward each other, even if the team’s times were not where they had hoped. As the season wrapped up, it became evident that this goal was achieved.  Jakubaszek explained how the team’s bond with the West Milford swimmers was “strengthened” and full of great conversations. Along with this, everyone would enter practice laughing with each other, and leave the exact same way. 

Sophomore Steven Bracken recalls that some of his fondest memories this season had to be “getting Wendy’s” as a team. Senior Santino Celentano added that the team had lots of fun during their conference meet as well. 

The boys have lots of goals for the future. Both Jakubaszek and Celentano agree that qualifying for states is the ultimate goal, as they would become the first boys swim team in LRHS history to do so. The boys were very close to making it this season, but fell short of the number of swimmers needed to qualify. The two swimmers also agree that winning a few rounds, or better yet, all of states, would be another goal they hope to achieve.

Seniors Ryan Masker (left), Mattias Erikson (middle) of West Milford High School and Sean McGinty (right) celebrating their senior night with personalized posters! (Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed)

As a personal goal, Jakubaszek hopes to “place high” in the county championships next year, along with filling in the spots of the seniors who will be graduating.

The Legacy of the Swim Season

Overall, Coach Kebrdle is beyond thrilled with the outcomes of both swim seasons. Coach Kebrdle told The Lancer Ledger that “making it to states for the first time in school history” with the girls was one of the most unforgettable moments. Along with this, “beating Demarest and Tenafly head to head” and “tying long term rivals Pequannock” were some of her favorite memories from this season.

Overall, both the girls and boys 2022 swim season were full of victories, laughs, and everlasting memories. The Lakeland community congratulates the athletes and Coach Kebrdle on their numerous accomplishments this year.