Is Alice in Wonderland Really For Kids?


"Alice in wonderland" by jackieleigh (CC BY 2.0)

Due to the implied drug and alcohol use, Alice in Wonderland may not be for kids.

Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 film made ‘for kids.’ It’s a very “trippy” cartoon that provides a lot of adventures for kids to come along with. While it is fun to watch with all the colors and fun characters, many question: Is this movie really for kids?

The movie contains a few things that may be questionable to parents and children. A smoking caterpillar, along with many references to drinking and even drugs. Alice, the story’s protagonist, drinks “potions” to change her physical state, which can align with alcohol use, and the caterpillar smokes a water pipe, which can align with drug use. It seems it may not be for kids after all.

Many parents find concerns in things about the movie. It can be worrying for the parents and possibly confusing for a young developing brain. Drugs are thought to play a major role in this film. The entire atmosphere of this movie is very detached from reality, with a lot of confusing twists and turns. Also, Alice constantly drinks potions and eats food without knowing what’s in it which isn’t a good influence on kids. 

In an article revolving around Alice facts,, discusses a theory conversing how Alice is constantly drinking potions, eating mushrooms and hallucinating as if she were abusing drugs and on LSD. The world around her is constantly changing and so is her physical size as well as her mood. Her perceptions are hugely alternated, and she is affected drastically by these drinks and mushrooms. 

Interestingly, Lewis Carroll, the author of the original novel Alice Adventures in Wonderland was diagnosed in 1955 with AWS or Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Those who suffer from this disorder believe their body parts are constantly changing and the size and distance of objects around them aren’t as they seem to be.

Some parents still think this movie is fine for kids to watch. They think it can be a funny movie for kids and that they may be too young to understand anything in the movie anyways. Of course, despite things that may seem off, smoking was thought to be for health during the time this movie was made, and Alice in Wonderland has many fun and adventurous scenes. However, other parents believe as incredible and artistic as the movie is, it still has many worrying topics in it that can easily influence people, especially naive children. 

Alice in Wonderland will forever be a classic that many have watched during their childhoods. The question remains; Is this movie really for kids? It doesn’t seem that way anymore.