Corona Chaos: Tips to Stay Calm During the Quarantine


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

With at least another month of social distancing in NJ, it’s important to try not to let the uncertainty get the best of you.

As COVID-19 is growing dramatically around the world, so is the panic. With so many unanswered questions appearing every day, it can be hard to keep your cool. If you’re struggling to stay grounded while combating cabin fever, here’s a list of tips to help take control of your mental health: 


Take a Breath

With so many news stories every minute, it’s important to stop for a moment and remember where you are. Take a deep breath and notice your surroundings. Remember that while there is a lot going on, patience is the best remedy for confusion.  

Stick to One News Source

Reiterating the last point, there are countless stories being published by multiple news sources every hour. Picking one news source and sticking to it can assure that you won’t get overwhelmed by contradicting facts. At The Ledger, we recommend finding a source that is impartial in their reporting, such as NPR News.  

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Even without seeing your loved ones face-to-fact, staying connected with them is vital for your mental health.

Limit Social Media Use

While it is definitely harder now to stay off of social media due to being stuck inside all day, try to set at least an hour aside each day for an activity that isn’t screen related such as reading, drawing/coloring, or taking a walk (weather and quarantine permitting).

Phone a Friend

Take twenty minutes to call someone that you saw everyday and you miss (like your best friend or your favorite work colleague). Or, take twenty minutes to call someone you don’t see very often that you miss (like your grandparents or out of state relatives). Communication is key in this time of seclusion!

Try Something New 

Now is the best time to pick up a new hobby! Get crafty and learn to sew/embroider. Sharpen your art skills that may not have been used since taking Art 1. Try a new recipe with what you have in your pantry or fridge. 

The Lancer Ledger
A quote from Assistant Superintendint Michael Novak’s daily address on March 24

Look for the Good

At some points it may feel like the world is falling apart, which makes it more important than ever to notice the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Take a moment to appreciate at least three good things in your day. Write them out or just think of them in your head.

Follow the guidelines!

Most importantly, the reason the world is at home is to keep the people safe. Stay up to date with news from your state officials and national news sources to make sure you’re taking proper precautions in your area. Respect the recommendations and remember that they’re in place to keep you and your town safe.


Though it’s a hectic time, this is history in the making. Avoid large crowds, wash your hands, and only stock up on what you absolutely need. Stay safe and stay healthy!