Lakeland’s Triumph: Dance Team’s 2020 Season


Ava Hahn

Lakeland Dance Team having a day of fun in Orlando!

Lakeland Regional High School’s varsity dance team is known for being significantly successful in their two years of representing Lakeland as an official team. With one senior, one junior, four sophomores, five freshmen, and two new coaches, Lakeland’s dance team (LLDT) had a phenomenal 2020 season. 

LLDT competes in two categories: small pom and small jazz. Every year, they get the opportunity to qualify for the Dance Team Union national competition, and for the third year in a row the team traveled to sunny Orlando, Florida to compete against the best high school teams in the country. The team stayed in Florida from February 20 to 24, and returned to Lakeland with fifth place in pom and eighth place in jazz. 

Dance Team Union
Lakeland in their pom uniforms, placed first in the event at their first competition.

Miss. Nicole Secor, one of the new coaches, expressed how proud she was of the team this year. She said that coaching LLDT for the first time was “a rewarding experience for me and my assistant coach.” Both coaches had an enjoyable time watching the girls on the team grow and work hard together. 

Secor notes the first competition of the season to be her fondest memory. They placed first in pom, a historical event for the team, and fourth in jazz. Secor said that beginning the season at a lower note than they ended their previous one gave the girls the motivation to work harder.

Dance Team Union
LLDT posing in their jazz costumes.

As for standout members, Secor mentions senior captain Annie Wogisch as one of the key players of the season. “Annie is an amazing dancer and leader to the girls on and off the dance floor. The team has tremendous respect for her and she always pushes them to be their best.”

Overall, LLDT had a triumphant season while creating a strong bond as a team. After their hard work this year, they’re excited to continue next year.