Woman Crashes After a Spider Distracts Her – What Would You Do?


Photo by Jean Papillon on Pexels

What would you do if you saw a spider crawling around in your car?

A spider is the cause of a car crash in Cairo, New York on Wednesday, April 10.

The woman who crashed her car was running errands when she saw the spider on the driver’s area of her vehicle. The sight of the eight-legged creature caused her to panic and crash into a stone wall, resulting in a leg injury.

Lakeland students and staff told the Lancer what they would do if they saw a spider while driving.

Junior Vince Hennessy said, “I would ask a passenger in the vehicle for their assistance in eliminating the threat, or I would ignore the spider and risk being bitten rather than endanger my life and the lives of others.”

English teacher Mrs. Jamie Cawley said that while it is easy to start panicking when a bug is coming in your direction, “it is important not to. The best thing to do is pull over safely and roll down the window.”

Another English teacher, Mr. Eric White, would help out the eight-legged critter. “If I was distracted by a spider while driving–particularly one the size of a dinner plate with the bulk of a small child,” he said, “I’d calmly pull over and give it directions on where it was trying to go. I’m not smashing a spider that big, no way.”

In a Facebook post, the Cairo police said, ¨We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Life depends on it.¨