Why School Should Start Later



Health risks associated with lack of sleep are becoming more common in high schoolers.

Most students would agree – schools should start later.  Of course we all want to be able to sleep later, but did you know there are proven health reasons on why we should be able to?   

Recently, the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) distributed information regarding the effects of adolescents not getting enough sleep.  The CDC is the federal agency responsible for health promotion and activities throughout the country, with the goal of improving overall public health.  

The CDC and The American Academy of Pediatrics have identified many health risks that they believe are related to adolescents and even adults not getting enough sleep.  Some of these things include poor academic performance, depression, and obesity, which are all pretty common problems among people these days. With findings like this, it is surprising that a survey of what time schools across the country found that 93% of high schools in the U.S still start before 8:30 a.m.   

Additionally, having to wake up so early causes more stress on students both physically and mentally. Students are so overwhelmed with homework, work, and sports that they have to stay up late to complete it all.  As a result, students get less sleep and can’t focus as well during school hours.

Some of the reasons given by schools on why they can’t start earlier are issues with scheduling and transportation, but with the health risks of lack of sleep becoming more common in the adolescent age group, shouldn’t we try something?  

Contact our school officials to suggest a later school times and provide them with the statistics.  It’s only when enough people speak up that change can be made.