Yearbooks: Memories, Not a Waste of Money


Raina Landolfi

Some of Lakeland's past yearbooks, which give former students a means to revive their high school years.

High school yearbooks are mementos that many people keep for their whole lives. Your parents probably still have theirs, and possibly your grandparents as well. Most people have their yearbooks and for good reason: to look back.

You don’t want to regret not getting one, and here’s why:

We spoke to yearbook co-editor Katie Dempsey, senior, about why you should get a yearbook. Dempsey stated, “Students should buy a yearbook because it’s a book filled with memories. A yearbook is a one of a kind purchase that you’ll make. Your friends can fill it up with messages and you can always look back at the yearbook when you get older. The yearbook is a token that is very valuable to you even if you don’t notice it at first. It’s filled with history that was made, and you get to see a span of 4 grade levels. You never know someone could become popular one day and you could pull out your yearbook and prove that you went to school with them to your fellow friends. That yearbook will be with you forever.”

To sum it up, memories you have made over the years in high school could be lost to time if you don’t get the yearbook.

The first thing you may think about when considering the prospect of getting a yearbook is the price. Yes, the yearbook costs $99, but it is worth it. We asked Dempsey about the intimidating cost. This was her response when asked if it is worth the high price tag, “Yes I think it’s worth the high price. The yearbook is one of the most valuable objects you’ll own. You’ll never want to find yourself regretting not ordering the yearbook. It’s your year and your book that your fellow classmates help make create. High price but definitely worth the investment.”

When everyone goes in a million directions in life, you can look back at the yearbook and remind yourself of your friends and acquaintances.”

So, the high price should be something you can circumvent due to the sheer importance the yearbook could play in your life. This may sound exaggerated, but it really is an important item that highlights one of the most important times of your life. When everyone goes in a million directions in life, you can look back at the yearbook and remind yourself of your friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps the price is not something that you can just deal with and move on. Perhaps you cannot afford the yearbook, but you really want to have one. If money is an issue, you can always go to Ms. Tammy Ozdemir or Ms. Ornella Incardona to discuss other options.

Whether you think the yearbook is not important, you don’t want to pay $99, or you just can’t afford it., we recommend that you reevaluate your decision, and really consider getting a yearbook. It’s a memento of a lifetime.


Those interested in purchasing yearbooks can check out the links below: