Classic Binge-Worthy Shows On Netflix

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Own Work” by Giobazz (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Nothing beats a good binge and cry with Meredith Grey of the show Grey’s Anatomy.

With so many different titles on Netflix, it can be hard to choose what your next binge will be. Everyone wants that one show that keeps them up until 3 am because that next episode preview looks so good. These are some of the classic binge-worthy shows available on Netflix:

Grey’s Anatomy:

Grey’s anatomy is a show about doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy Hospital dealing with everyday problems while balancing their personal life and there life at work. They are faced with new obstacles everyday whether its in surgery or relationships. The show has 14 seasons on netflix with over 250 40-minute episodes. 100% recommend

Gossip Girl:

A anonymous blogger has been keeping up with the drama filled lives of a group of teenagers living in the Upper East Side in New York. This show is filled with secrets and romance that will keep you entertained till the end. The show has 6 seasons filled with 40-minute episodes.

The Office:

One of the most entertaining shows on Netflix. The Office is about a group of coworkers working at a boring paper company. The show follows the main character Michael Scott and his colleagues as they make such a boring work environment a fun and entertaining experience for everyone to watch. The show has 9 seasons filled with comedy and some romance of course! 10000% recommend.

Obviously there are more binge worthy shows but these shows are definitely some of the best. Will you watch?