Band Room Renovations: A New Beginning


Rebecca Stoffel

LRHS band program got some much needed updates in the form of Whisper Rooms, seen in the back right of the picture.

After decades of stagnation, the Lakeland Regional High School Lancer band room has received some much needed renovations. Work on the room started early in the summer of 2022 and was completed just before classes began for the 2022-2023 school year. The renovations have provided much needed revitalization to the home of Lakeland’s musical endeavors. 

The primary focus of the work was sprucing up the room and creating a more fresh environment for students to work in. A new paint job was in order, along with repaneling of the floors, and repairing any damages the room had obtained over the years. For many though, the most exciting aspect of the renovations was the addition of “Whisper Rooms.”

Whisper Rooms are sound-proofed cubicles that cut down on noise pollution in the band room and surrounding areas. They allow band students to practice in a quiet environment and  remove distractions for those working outside of them. Additionally, they provide more shy or beginner level students with a private space to get the hang of their music. The rooms are even big enough for multiple students to use them to practice together. Lancer band members have been taking advantage of the Whisper Rooms extensively during school hours. In fact, there is hardly a lunch or study hall block where the rooms aren’t in use. They are a great help during band classes and evening rehearsals as well; students who cannot reap the benefits of those communal practice environments will often be sent to the rooms for their own private study sessions.

So far, the Whisper Rooms have been a practical and immediately beloved addition to the band. One Lancer Band member, Freshman Aidan Buono-Petullo, said his musicianship would “probably not” be where it is today without their help, and many others have echoed his opinion.


In a short on his Youtube channel, ConcertBandCentral, the Band’s Director, Mr. Matthew Testa, sang the Whisper Rooms’ praises as well, calling them “the best investment we’ve made in the band room thus far.”

The work on the band room was primarily conducted by trained professionals; however, Lancer Band members also volunteered their time to make sure renovations were completed quickly and efficiently. Some of the volunteer work included moving furniture out of the way of workers, helping to organize Lakeland’s extensive musical library, and documenting the band’s trophy collection. Once the collection was properly documented, volunteers also downsized it to make room for future awards.

Although the history and memories created in the old band room will never be forgotten, these renovations mark a new era for the Lancer Band. The new band room will provide generations of musicians all the opportunities provided to their predecessors and much more. The ability to better one’s musicianship and character in a safe, supportive environment is not to be underestimated. It promises to help build a community that will honor the legacy of dedication, service, and musical excellency the Lancer Band has built throughout its history. After the success of its first year, the newly renovated band room leaves no question in its ability to do just that.