Turk a Chouljian: Student Council Hosts Annual Fundraiser


Morgan Uhlhorn

Spotted: Mr. Chouljian starting his day as a turkey in the Media Center.

Lakeland Regional High School’s Student Council hosted its annual Turk a Teacher event which ended on November 23, 2022 with history teacher Mr. Chris Chouljian dressed like a turkey. 

During lunch blocks throughout November, the Student Council raised money Center for Food Action with the incentive that one of the follow staff members would be dressed like a turkey the day before Thanksgiving break: winner Mr. Chouljian, physical education teacher Mr. Brian Phillips, English teacher Ms. Megan Curry, or Vice Principal Mr. Ron Finklestein. Mr. Chouljian was crowned victorious when his mason jar had the most money raised. Overall, the fundraiser raised over $600 for the charity. 

The Ledger had the opportunity to spot the teacher turkey this morning, and he explained that it did not truly sink in until the morning when realized, “Oh, I’m wearing a turkey costume.” He further elaborated that he does not mind the outfit and thinks it is fun. He is all for the fact that the money from the contest is going to a charitable cause.