Crazy Fun, Good Food: The 2022 Junior Formal


Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed

Mr. Novak, doing a classic Novak selfie, enjoying Junior Formal along with the class of 2023.

The annual Junior Formal for Lakeland Regional High School juniors was held at Portobello in Oakland on May 6, 2022. Despite the rain, the night was a huge success. 

Many attended this joyous event. “The venue was pretty,” said Courtney Chase Molloy and Emily Ricci. Many students talked about the photo booth, the pink napkins, and the candles. Although there was no official theme to the night, Molloy stated it was “classy and 80’s-ish.”

There were other things that stood out to the dance attendees. The food in particular was enjoyable, with the steak, bread, and penne vodka which “slapped,” according to Shannon Collins. 

There was a lot of dancing, which was arguably the best part of the night. Melissa O’Meara mentioned, “Devine was sitting on some kids shoulders and we all went crazy until we got yelled at.” Many enjoyed the throwback songs played by the DJ.

Although Portobello is a great venue, a few juniors would have liked a different place from where their eighth grade formal was held. It was also mentioned that the dance floor was too small for the amount of students there.

Despite this, they enjoyed their night and they all wore lovely suits and dresses.

The Lancer Ledger received an inbox of interviews about the Junior Formal from the junior students themselves. A lot of people found their friends, classmates and themselves best dressed. 

Many students found Mr. Novak’s outfit to be the best. According to Jake Struble, “He looked like James Bond.” Others gave their friends and themselves the spotlight. Molloy thought her friend Lyndsey Christiano looked the best, while an anonymous source said they thought Divine Crilly killed it  “in his pink suit.”

In an overwhelming voice, the junior class named Owen Schouten as best dressed of the night. Rocking a navy blue suit, pink shirt, pink and black tie, and red pocket square, Schouten was dressed to impress.  

Overall, many students could say that the formal was great and they had a great time there which is great news for sophomores who will surely enjoy their time as well at the next junior formal.