Holidays: We Are Preparing Too Soon

Giulia Nichols, Staff Writer

Every year, it seems we prepare earlier and earlier for the holidays. By September 1, we are celebrating Halloween, and before that holiday can even finish, stores are putting out Christmas decorations and towns are putting up Christmas lights. Let’s slow down and not burn out. Prepping for holidays over a month before is way too soon

“It’s Easter, and they already have the Christmas decorations out!” We are creating a world straight out of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! There’s no need to get too excited for a holiday that’s still two months away. We should, instead, relax and enjoy the time before the holiday, without feeling the need to start selling or buying decorations. On top of that, why don’t we enjoy the season we are in more? Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving and what it’s about (being thankful for what we already have) before rushing to the stores to buy all the things we want.

According to a the New Jersey 101.5 article, “We Are Pushing The Holidays Too Early,” decorating too early for the holidays “can lead to holiday burnout.” In other words, once the holiday itself comes, it will not be exciting anymore because we’ve already been celebrating it for two months. If we relax and not push on ourselves and others a holiday that is still months away, once the holiday does come, it will be a lot more enjoyable and cherishable.

So, consider putting down the tinsel before December. Leave the holidays for their respective months. It will help everyone enjoy the holiday much more when it actually arrives.