Service Club “Pinked Out” Lakeland For Breast Cancer Awareness


Ella DeBonis

The 200s hallway got into the spirit and spread lots of Breast Cancer Awareness through their pink ribbon garland.

Lakeland Service Club’s strung up pink decor for Breast Cancer Awareness and inspired all Lakeland Regional High School students to participate in their own ‘Pink Out Challenge’ throughout the month of October.

Throughout the Pink Out Challenge, teachers were assigned teams based on their room location in the school and were challenged to decorate their hallways to compete to see which were the pinkest. These teachers went all out and used pink flowers, ribbons, balloons, streamers, and posters. 

According to Service Club advisor, Ms. Brenda Ferguson, the event was “a success in so far as it was a start to transiting back to activities we used to do at Lakeland before the pandemic.” 

The Guidance Department went pink in October to spread awareness. (Ella DeBonis)

Although in the past these types of activities have gotten a lot of attention and money raised, this year they did not raise nearly as much. Mrs. Ferguson stated that she believes that the lack of money raised has to do with students not carrying around as much money with them as before the pandemic and will take that into account during future projects and fundraisers.