Lakeland’s Unsung Leaders: A Positive Response to Hybrid Learning


Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed

Lakeland’s most recent Lancer Leader, freshman Riley Osmanaglu. She was selected for her talents in Creative Writing class.

Lakeland Regional High School’s Unsung Lancer Leader program was started to recognize students who have “positive attitudes, compassionate feelings, and a drive to be successful” during the global COVID-19 panademic that turned the world around. 

Beginning at the start  of 2021, students are being awarded with being the Unsung Lancer Leader every week. 

Senior Options Coordinator, Mr. Keith Kelley, runs the program and told The Lancer Ledger that students selected to be an Unsung Lancer Leader are nominated by faculty and staff. 

Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed

When asked about where the idea for a Unsung Lancer Leader came from, Mr. Kelley responded, “Our school district is always looking for new ways to recognize students.  In our hybrid model of a school year, it has been hard for students to be recognized within our school building…I noticed we have many students who have a great attitude and complete the work they are expected to complete even though these are new and sometimes challenging times in education.  I thought those types of students should be recognized…”

According to Mr. Kelley, the Unsung Lancer Leader program has been a success this year. When asked  about the future of the program, he said, “Since we have had many nominations this year and there has been a positive impact on the entire school community with Unsung Lancer Leaders, I believe we will continue this initiative for next school year.” 

With the positive response that the program has received it should be a mainstay on the school page. It’s an award that students should strive for, and something to look forward to in the future.