Mr. Coren is Crowned Chili King Two Years Running


The Lancer Ledger

Mr. Coren was presented with the 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off grand prize – a commemorative apron by our very own selfie-king Mr. Mike Novak, assistant superintendent.

LRHS teachers and staff participated in the 2nd annual Chili Cook- off before a professional development event on February 14, 2020. The event brought the staff together to have fun and enjoy some delicious food, with technology teacher Mr. Randy Coren taking home the grand prize two years running.

The Lancer Ledger got a chance to interview Mr. Coren, the champion. He was very passionate about his cooking. “When I make my chili, it is for the people, my fans. In order to make proper chili, it needs to come from the heart,” said Mr Coren. His secret to success is that he starts preparing for the competition in September. “Every couple of weeks I test kitchen a batch of chili and take copious notes. Then I simply have to match the chili recipe to what I feel people want.”

For new chili cooks, Mr. Coran recommends the following:








Note: Seasoning can be your own mixture. Mr. Coren recommends the experimenting with the following: chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, Masa (corn) flour, brown sugar, and mustard powder. He said, “Don’t be afraid to add more chili powder. When you think there is enough, put in more.” 

The Lancer Ledger
Teachers and staff sampled 9 different chilis.

Ms. Caitlin Vauter, special education teacher, is one member of the team that hosts the Chili Cook-off event. She believes the event allows the Lakeland staff to relax from everyday work. “It provides teachers and staff members with an opportunity to come together and have a good time,” said Ms. Vauter.

The Lancer Ledger
To keep the vote fair, each chili was assigned a number.

Overall, Ms. Vauter said the event was a success in bringing the Lakeland community together. Over 25 staff members showed up to the event and 9 competitors competed in the cook-off. Staff also donated chips, soda, desserts and toppings.

The atmosphere was friendly and fun, and everyone enjoyed some well cooked chili.