Review: The Mandalorian is Worth the Cost of Subscription


"The Mandalorian" by Hannaford is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

'The Mandalorian' - is it worth buying Disney Plus to watch?

The Mandalorian is a series shown exclusively on Disney Plus. This show has eight episodes in total. Each episode has a standalone story that doesn’t border each other until the last two episodes of the series. The Mandalorian shows western themes, and the main character indicates that as the Mandalorian doesn’t talk much and his actions dictate his character. The Mandalorian develops as a cold bounty hunter to a protective father at the end of the first season. He stands up to multiple bounty hunters, gangs, and an Imperial Warlord with a legion of troops. All in an effort to protect a baby. 

The show has an interesting take on Star Wars. It takes the action and pacing down a notch compared to the movies. This brings a breath of fresh air to Star Wars. It has been bloated with many entries such as comics, new lineup of TV shows, games, and movies. This takes it back to where the first movie was directed toward. It was simple, fun to watch, and easy to understand for everyone.

Every episode is directed from someone differently, but has a clear, unified story line  and its own set of characters. Every character feels fleshed out. The main character has a concise and easy to follow arc. The narrative flows like a western and is satisfying when each episode ends, making the viewer to want more. Our characters travel to some new locations and a few familiar planets of the Star Wars universe. There are multiple easter eggs for Star Wars fans to spot and enjoy. 

Watch The Mandalorian – Disney Plus only costs seven dollars a month, and it is an incredible show worth the subscription.