Junior Formal: A Night To Remember


Courtesy of J. Higgins

A group of juniors dressed in their best for formal.

The LRHS junior class were dressed to the nines and enjoyed a night full of laughter, smiles, and fun. Junior Formal, which took place at Portobello in Oakland on Friday, May 10, 2019 was surely a night to remember.

Courtesy of J. Higgins
Lyness, third from right, told The Ledger he had a great time with his friends. 

The night was a huge success and a a great opportunity for students to sit back and have a good time with their friends. Junior Brandon Lyness said, “It was just really fun to just to mess around with all my friends.” Junior Julia Ryan had a great time and thought everyone “looked great,” also telling the Ledger, “It was a night I’ll always remember forever.”

Class of 2020 class advisor and math teacher Ms. Jenni Harmon said, “I think the formal turned out very well.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!” Ms. Harmon was excited to report that the event had a great turnout, which she was “extremely happy about.” She also reported that the music was great, and they were very happy with the DJ, who played all the request he could for the crowd. Ms. Harmon is excited for prom next year, and being in a new, bigger venue for what she expects to be a huge event.

Courtesy of J. Higgins
Joe Higgins (left), Lancer Ledger staff writer, had a great time at junior formal.

Ms. Harmon also told the Ledger how the dance came to be. “We started planning Junior Formal last year, talking about a ‘theme and colors’ and making sure we booked Portobello for a day that worked with the school calendar. That continued on to this school year.  The major planning took several months, making sure we had a DJ, getting bids approved, selling tickets, making seating arrangements (over and over and over again), making a song list, putting together centerpieces, etc… Overall I think everyone came together and did a great job.”  

Courtesy of J. Higgins
Junior girls are ready to dance the night away.

Junior Formal is one of the highlights of junior year, and  really a night to remember. As Ms. Harmon says, “Class of 2020, you are awesome!”