Why Gucci is Overrated


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New Jersey boast 3 of the 550 Gucci stores worldwide.

The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci was first founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany.

With humble beginnings, the brand grew from a wee shop started by Guccio Gucci and his three sons in Florence to a multi-billion dollar national company. The company sells  luxury leather goods like bags, shoes, and accessories.

Gucci became an iconic fashion brand and a staple in the fashion community.

Celebrities, mainly rappers, celebrate and promote fashion brands in almost every song. People see this and listen to this, and since a lot of people look up to these celebs they want to be just like them – repping Gucci.

Although not all of Gucci is overrated, because some of their products are still original and fashion forward, there are things that make this fashion brand look repetitive and overrated.

Gucci Belt

The Gucci belt is probably one of the first things you buy the first time you go to Gucci. People pair it with almost every single outfit and think they are so fashionable, but it’s not.

‘No Tea No Shade’, but since everyone has it, it’s starting to get annoying to look at. It’s like no one has any variety. I’m not saying it’s terrible to wear, but usually, what I see when people own a Gucci belt is that they pair it with everything.

It has lost its originality and specialness, and seems to be worn just because of the brand name. All of this makes the Gucci belt lose it is overall worth and luxury.

Gucci Fakes

Since Gucci is such a favorable brand among all ages, everyone wants to get their hands on something Gucci. So, smaller brands start making Gucci fakes and copying some of Gucci’s designs making fake jumpsuits, fake bandannas, and fakes bags.

Since you see a bunch of people wearing real Gucci and the fake Gucci, it’s all starting to look the same. Although that’s the point, this makes Gucci less of a luxury brand and less significance.

Gucci Overrated

Yes, Gucci products are expensive, but when everyone has the same products, it takes away the “luxury” factor. It’s just expensive things that everyone has, so why waste money on it. The only person, or celebrity, that I know who wears DIFFERENT things from Gucci is Jeffree Star.  

People have been using the same Gucci belts, bags, and slides since pre-fall season 2017. The look is getting tired and Gucci the brand is being overused, making it lose its significance.

Honestly, go on ASOS and get a $20 belt please, so there can be some diversity. I’m not the most fashionable person, but I know this ain’t it.