Boys LAX: A Team Building Season


Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook

The varsity lacrosse did a lot of team building this season.

Even while being faced with incredible challenges during the 2023 season, Lakeland Regional High School’s boys lacrosse team persevered through ups and downs.

Varsity players told the Ledger that it was a little bumpy getting back into the swing of things as a team, and that it took a lot of team building and getting to know each other again after losing some of their best players last year. But, they stuck it out together as a team and were able to turn around their scores towards the tail end of their season.

Coach Allen Annazone and varsity players, Christopher Eboli, Connor Sportini, Thomas Castiglia, Zachery Jones, Micheal Spitz, Nathan Bailey, and Domanik Crilly. (Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook)

Senior Domink Crilly said, “It was a little hard towards the beginning of our season, but I am glad we were able to come back together towards the end.”

For the boys lacrosse team this year it was more about getting to have the enjoyment of being a team together, and getting to know each other betting on and off of the field.

Senior Midfielder Vladimir Bogatov said, “I like getting to be out there with my boys, doing things like fundraising and team bonding were really good for us during our season and really brought us together towards the end.” This was a sentiment that senior Midfielder Connor Sportini also shared, saying, “I like getting to be out there with all my friends, sometimes it’s not even about winning or losing but just getting to have the experience out there on the field.”

No matter what, rain or shine, the boys lacrosse team knew how to overcome some tough challenges to pull it together for a good season in the end.