LRHS Observes World Mental Health Day


Emily Wegman

Lucas Wolfe of the Minding Your Mind organization spoke with LRHS students on World Mental Health Day.

Lakeland Regional observed World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2019. Multiple clubs made it a goal to erase the stigma behind mental health issues, and the student body took part in an assembly to raise awareness on mental health. 

According to the World Health Organization, World Mental Health Day is a day to raise awareness for and support efforts surrounding mental health issues. 

The ERASE club began the day by handing out green ribbons to students and staff as they entered the school to bring awareness about World Mental Health Day and what it stood for. ERASE stands for End Racism and Sexism Everywhere and is led by advisor Ms. Patty Kebrdle. 

Students were then welcomed to an assembly led by Lucas Wolfe of Minding Your Mind, an organization aimed at educating and ending the stigma about mental health issues. Wolfe led the assembly by opening up and being vulnerable by telling the audience about his personal battle with depression, anxiety, and suicide throughout high school. Through his story, Wolfe helped create a relatable tale which emphasized that depression is an illness that can affect anyone, and it does not have to be triggered by a traumatic event but can just happen due to the brain’s chemistry. 

On top of this, the DECA club, led by advisor Ms. Ornella Incardona, is working to make Lakeland a Stigma-Free school through the National Alliance of Mental Illness. They are sponsoring a Mental Health Awareness Walkathon on October 20 from 1-3 pm on the track. All are welcome from the school and surrounding communities. For more information, please check out the event website:

LRHS is taking efforts throughout this school year and beyond to break the stigma around mental health issues and provide education and support for all members of the school community.