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The “Plastics” are Taking Over LRHS!

Courtesy of @lakeland_all_school_production Instagram
Pick a date to come watch the “plastics” perform on our stage – tickets on sale now!

A fetch musical is coming to Lakeland Regional High School this March, and will feature a star-studded cast from LRHS’ rising stars.

The show will run March 7 to 9, with both a matinee and night performance on Saturday. Among the talent, senior Katherine Geisel will be playing Cady Heron, sophomore Kiera Sherlock as Regina George, senior Emily Gamarello as Karen Smith, and sophomore Alice Strom as Gretchen Weiners.

The cast has been working extremely hard these past months to make sure everything is perfect for the show. Sherlock told the Ledger, “The whole cast is such a fun and positive group of people, which makes rehearsal a fun and safe space!” She added that the whole experience of being in the production has been great, and encourages others to join next year. “I think even if people aren’t comfortable on stage, even stage crew is fun and everyone should try to be more involved!”

Cast and crew going over lines during their first read through. (Courtesy of @lakeland_all_school_production)

Director and LRHS English teacher, Ms. Melissa Gentile gave us some insight of what we will see. “Mean Girls is a satirical play about social dynamics in high school. It explores the ways people navigate the ‘game’ of social dynamics. The different characters in the play have different interpretations of how the game should be played.”

The play is based on the 2004 movie, and follows teenage girl, Cady Heron, who moved from Africa to America. Cady must adjust to the modern, teenage, high school life and gets sucked into a clique called the Plastics that consists of mean, two faced, and extremely demanding girls. Cady loses true friends while trying to fit in, and realizes that once you get sucked into a group like that, there’s no turning back.

The message in Mean Girls revolves around the consequences of cliques such as the Plastics, who turn Cady into a stuck up, popular girl, leading to conflict between Cady and her two best friends. She soon realizes that being popular isn’t all that important and wants to go back to how it was in the beginning – but, already too far in and unable to reverse course, people start to believe that Cady is just like the rest of the plastics. It teaches lessons such as honesty, true friendship, relationships, and most importantly, that dragging others down won’t make you any better than them.

Ms. Gentile and Ms. Sokolovic representing the show. (Courtesy of @lakeland_all_school_production Instagram)
Getting ready for showtime means all hands are working together.
(Courtesy of Ms. Gentile)

The play’s director, Lakeland’s Ms. Gentile, elaborated on the theme of Mean Girls, saying, “Stay true to yourself and you will find your ‘tribe.’ Also, kindness matters!” This message is important, especially to young girls, because it teaches them to be genuine and lead instead of following.

Both the Mean Girls movie and musical are entertaining and enjoyable. Although there is a slight difference between the two, they generally follow the same plot. The original movie is definitely fun and entertaining, but the musical obviously has a lot more going on with musical numbers and dancing

The musical is being performed March 7th through March 9th, and tickets can be bought online (click here!). The musical is perfect for all ages and can open some great conversations about kindness and following the crowd. Don’t miss the opportunity to come watch the Plastics of North Shore High School take over Lakeland!

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