Meet the LRHS Yearbook Staff : A Club Full of Creativity and Positivity


Brian Watts

The LRHS yearbook staff working hard for our school’s 2023 yearbook.

There are certainly a wide variety of amazing classes and clubs that LRHS has to offer, but one that certainly stands out is our school’s Yearbook Club and its amazing staff. The staff is full of highly intelligent students and teachers who work hard nearly all year, with the main goal of making our yearbook the best quality possible. Publishing our school yearbook is a great way to highlight the year, showing accomplishments of the Lakeland staff and students, both in school and out. The staff members truly get to show off their talents, working hard nearly all year with the main goal of creating the best quality yearbook possible.

Senior Yearbook member Jackson Mooney using his creativity for our 2023 yearbook. (Brian Watts)

Not only do the staff members have access to the creation of the yearbook, but they work with other peers around New Jersey and even spread throughout the country. The staff members are invited to a workshop every summer where they meet with other yearbook staff members from around the country, to discuss new ideas, layouts, and advanced technologies to put into future yearbooks. Every year they are looking to find new and improved ways to make the yearbook. Yearbook and business teacher, Ms. Tammy Ozdemir, explained how much she and the rest of the members enjoyed the workshop they attended this past summer.

Ms. Ozdemir then went on to explain how it’s a treat to create the school yearbook. The satisfaction the members get when the yearbook is finally completed and published after nearly 11 months is incomparable. The staff begins designs and concepts for the upcoming school year’s book in June of the previous year, usually publishing it during spring break the following year.

The 2022 LRHS Yearbook is home to all of the memories and accomplishments for our staff and students that will certainly be one to remember. (Brian Watts)

“There’s no better feeling than opening the yearbook for the first time and saying, I made this,” Ms. Ozdemir stated.

Students of all grade levels are highly encouraged to take part in the school yearbook, but joining might be extra special for seniors. Although the yearbook includes freshman classes all the way to senior classes, seniors tend to get the most recognition for all of their accomplishments.

Down the line, the yearbook becomes a piece of LRHS’s history, where seniors and alumni love looking back at their final year of high school. LRHS yearbook staff member, Jackson Mooney, expressed his feelings and enjoyment about being a part of the yearbook staff, and that he loves the fact that he can look back at his senior year yearbook and say that he had a part in making it. “It is a moment in time to always remember,” Mooney explained.

Another huge part of the yearbook is the joy LRHS students and staff get from receiving theirs at the end of the year and looking back on their year.

The yearbooks cost $109 and can be purchased here.