Instagram: Should it Be Banned?


Image by Maria Raquel from Pixabay

Instagram is a main source of entertainment from our technology.

In a world where social media and technology are seen as essential to all youth and adults, it is easy to question whether it is healthy or not for ourselves. Therefore, the conflict regarding whether certain apps should be banned arises, Instagram being one of them.

Instagram is a popular social media platform. It allows its users to post pictures, videos, and other forms of content for free. As a form of entertainment, this app has become very successful ever since its release in 2010. Many involved in this app see it as a social gathering for people to bond and share ideas. On this app you can explore, create, and most importantly connect.

Expressing creativity is something Instagram definitely supports and works with. When having this app on your phone and exploring the constantly changing trends and ideas, you are able to recreate those ideas and possibly create more yourself. There are endless opportunities on the app once you share posts. You have a chance to be noticed by popular figures who are maybe looking at what you are sharing.

On the other hand, many others would disagree, stating that Instagram is damaging and destroys people’s mental health. Some people believe that Instagram creates an unrealistic standard for how your life should be. With so many popular people sharing their busy and luxurious lives through Instagram, others can definitely compare their personal lives with the ones they see online. This sometimes results in users feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, and self-conscious.

Instagram being banned would not be the cure to social media affecting the mental health of users. Numerous other social media platforms create similar, if not the same, conflicts. Only restricting Instagram would not have a big enough impact and not directly solve this ongoing issue. Using visual content allows for certain popular figures, such as celebrities, to connect with their followers/fans. Being able to view content exclusively from your phone comes in handy for those who need it. If you want to engage with your followers and friends or create content, then Instagram is definitely an app you want on your phone.

Overall, the effects of Instagram are majority positive and the app should not be banned. Creativity will be limited and its spread will be restricted.