Cafeteria Facelift


Courtesy of the Lakeland Live Feed

A famous Novak selfie in the cafeteria when the renovations first began in December.

Lakeland Regional High School got a fancy facelift this past December as the cafeteria got repainted over winter break. Formerly a room with yellow walls and a mural from the 1980s, the new design includes grey walls and a modern mural. 

Redesign began this winter and included many appearance related updates. When asked why LRHS felt that the cafeteria needed an update, Assistant Principal Ms. Rita Mazza said, “We thought that this would be a good time to revamp the cafeteria with a cleaner, more updated look. Since we have a new outside food service company, it was a perfect time to transition to this modern update.”

The mural from the 80s has been removed and is waiting the redesign. (Courtesy of Ms. Mazza)

The changes didn’t stop at just a simple paint job. Upcoming plans for the second part of the redesign include a mural using pictures from LRHS’s Digital Photography 2 classes. Photos from the photography students will be put together in a design created by Mr. Randy Coren’s robotics students.

Once this step is done, we will turn our ideas over to an outside graphic artist company that we hope can take our design and create an eye-catching mural similar to the one you see in the STEM hallway and auditorium,” Ms. Mazza reports. 

The teal tiles have been removed for a cleaner, modern color. (Emily Rose)

“[This renovation] was a long overdue project. I graduated over 35 years ago and the green tile was what we had back in those days. It will be a cleaner, fresher look for our students, and I hope they will enjoy the changes we are making.

The cafeteria is expected to be fully updated by next school year. Hopefully LRHS students will be able to have lunch in it by then!