Falling into School Spirit: Fall Pep Rally


The Lancer Ledger Staff

Students cheered on staff and student athletes during the pep rally basketball game.

The gym was buzzing with excitement on Friday, October 18, 2019, as staff and students celebrated the new season of fall sports and activities with Lakeland Regional High School’s first and completely re-imagined pep rally of the year. 

This was the first pep rally led by new student council advisor Ms. Jenni Harmon, and the overall consensus was it was a huge success.

The pep rally was started with the singing of our national anthem, this year sung breathtakingly by junior Kaylin Ponce. The MCs of the event, senior Frankie Scarnaty and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Michael Novak, then took over to remind all the students of the spirit week to come with Student Council members dressing up to represent each day of spirit week. And, of course, the pep rally would not have been complete without the introduction of all of the fall sports team captains who were met by monstrous applause for all their and the team’s accomplishments this season.


The Lancer Ledger Staff
English teacher Ms. Cawley hoped to advance the staff lead.

The real fun began with Lakeland’s first staff versus students basketball game, with experienced sports commentators, English teacher Ms. Megan Curry and math teacher Mr. Andrew Truong, giving the crowd highlights of the game. Mr. Novak gave an appearance again as a referee who was kept the game fair and even. The game had everyone on the edge of their seats as students and teachers competed for the ultimate victory. However, it was the students who suffered a crushing defeat, with the staff winning 35 to 34 in a game that went from 5 on 5 to 20 on 20. 

Overall, the pep rally was enjoyed by all, but many students agree the highlight of the event was News 12 coming and showing the world (or, more accurately, New Jersey) all of the school spirit we carry here at Lakeland.