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National News Review – November 20, 2023

Read a highlight of the top news stories of the week, brought to you by the Lancer Ledger staff writers.
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Israel-Hamas War

This week, the top news stories will revolve around the Israel-Hamas War, as the IDF, Israel’s military, took control of the Hamas occupied hospital, Al-Shifa, and hostage negotiations have been underway

Since the war started and Israel stated they found proof that Hamas using the hospital as a type of headquarters, Al-Shifa, which includes adult and pediatric ICUs, has battled with having a lack of medical supplies and electricity. As of Monday morning, 31 premature babies were executed from Al-Shifa, with 28 of them relocated to Egypt in order to receive emergency medical treatment. The process of transporting the babies was completed with the help and support of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Office.

Israel also released images of what they claim is a tunnel system under and near Al-Shifa, stating that they believe Hamas could be hiding in it, hiding weapons in it, or using it as headquarters.

There are also negotiations underway for the hostages taken by Hamas throughout the conflict, including  the release of hostages that have been held in captivity since the war started on October 7, 2023. These hostages include American citizens. According to CBS News, the negotiation talk is not formal yet, but is moving along with the help of the U.S. and Qatar acting as meditators. It was also reported that negotiations may have slowed after Israel took Al-Shifa. 


Biden’s Birthday Debate

A hot topic this week is the president’s age. President Joe Biden turns 81 today, and he holds the trophy of being America’s oldest president, with Ronald Reagan behind him at 77. CNN reports that the debate is on if he is too old to hold the presidency again. According to the report, officials at the White House and Biden’s campaign privately acknowledge Biden’s physical decline in health and work hard to show he is physically and mentally able to hold the presidency. 

It should be noted that if elected, Donald Trump is not far behind Biden, at the age 83. According to CNN, Biden’s staff says there is a “double standard” between the two as Biden’s age is reported by the media more than Trump’s.


Thanksgiving Travel: Cross-Country Storms

According to both CNN News and ABC News several storms across the country, ranging from thunderstorms to snow storms, could affect millions of people this coming Thanksgiving week. The Rocky Mountain area received up to a foot of snow on Sunday and winter alerts have been announced for areas in Utah, Arizona and Colorado. However, the West of the U.S. could experience more issues with wind, with some areas potentially experiencing up to 50 to 65 mile per hour winds. 

Other areas are likely to be affected as well. Areas like that of Oklahoma may experience severe thunderstorms. Areas like that of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas also may have severe weather outbreaks including hail, strong winds, and even some scattered tornadoes.

As a result of these many storms surging across the U.S. travel is likely to be disrupted for millions, especially since this week marks the holiday of Thanksgiving. The exact regions that will be most affected is ultimately unknown as weather patterns can change quickly. Regardless, those traveling should be aware of the threats and prepare accordingly.

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