Lakeland Girls Softball: ’23 Season at a Glance


Courtesy of the LRHS Yearbook

The varsity team had some great wins this season – including one against rivals, West Milford.

Lakeland’s girls softball team has faced a challenging and demanding 2023 season; however, they have persevered through those challenges and improved themselves not only as individuals, but also as a team. Though it has not been the best season they have seen so far, with the girls varsity record remaining 9-9 and girls JV 5-7 as of May 9, each player has performed to the best of their ability and most definitely played their hearts out on the field.

Every game is a new experience, some are good and some are bad. But we try to have fun.

— Emily Grubbs, sophomore

The girls varsity team continues to move forward bearing some losses, but also carrying with them various impressive performances and wins. One of the many memorable games for the players was the Dondero Classic, an annual softball tournament, where the team won against their West Milford rivals with a final score of 8-4. Sophomore Ella DeBonis, a varsity player, claimed “everyone played well” in the game and “the energy in the dugout and on the field was amazing.”

“We had a shaky start, but are finally starting to act like a team.” Senior Angela Carrasco responded when asked about the season. She claims there’s “tons of room for growth” but the team is “getting there!”

The teamwork between the players is clear both on and off the field. (Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook)

With some experienced players and some fresh to the team, the girls JV has surely come together and learned to improve as a whole as well. Though they have suffered more losses than wins, it is no doubt that they have tried their absolute hardest and grown from previous inaccuracies. One of JV’s best games was their 22-2 win against West Milford, which accounted for one of their two wins against the West Milford team.

Coach Toni-Lynn, JV coach, notes that the team has had a “fun season” with “learning new positions, softball fundamentals, and most importantly sportsmanship.”

Through success or defeat, the girls have made it a point to maintain a positive attitude. Freshman Genevieve O’Connor, a currently injured player for the girls JV team, has notably strived to create an enjoyable environment for the girls at every softball practice or game. Despite her injury, she has made her best effort to show up to almost every practice and game and support her team no matter the circumstances. In an interview with the Lancer Ledger, Genevieve claimed the team has “improved greatly” and “are learning to work better as a team.”