Melissa O’Meara: January

Senior Melissa O’Meara was awarded Student of the Month in January for her excellent skills in photography. She was nominated by Ms. Kory Mellon and when asked why she had chosen Melissa she explained, “There are not enough words to describe Melissa. She exhibits a great deal of strength, determination and creative skill in her being and her photography. She is independent and thought provoking; consistently asking for thoughts and takes criticism well. Melissa is always expanding on her creative skill whether it is through her shooting various subject matters to coming up with new and innovative genres to photography.” ‘

When interviewed by the Lancer Ledger, O’Meara said, “When they called me down, I was really surprised. I actually thought I was in trouble at first, but being recognized for my skills was super rewarding.” O’Meara elaborated, explaining that her favorite part about her photography class is that she is allowed to do a lot of work on her own and be as creative as she wants with her work.