The Best Light Displays in Town

Over the holiday season, the Lancer Ledger elves have been out and about finding the best holiday displays in the neighborhoods of Ringwood and Wanaque. So, if you’re looking for some cheer while driving around, check out these great spots:


Meadowbrook Avenue in Wanaque (Taylor Severs)

This display is unique from others since it features a fun blow up, lights covering every bush, and multiple Santas. Overall, the display is very fun and colorful without being too overbearing. The lights are multicolored and bring a pop to the scenery, and the main piece, Santa and his reindeer, scream Christmas spirit. The lights coordinate with the blow ups, making everything look neat and festive. This house is located on Meadowbrook Avenue.

Crescent Drive in Ringwood (Christian Schroeder)

Although this won’t be the most extraordinary display on our list, located on Crescent Drive, the display is rather aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity. There are lights to illuminate the railings as well as in all of the bushes that are directly in front of the house. In addition to this, there is a bright Noel sign in the window as well as a small inflatable Santa on the mulch beside the lights. Additionally, the lawn is kept without lights or extra decorations which allow for the house to look more appealing without distraction. 

Ramapo Mountain Drive in Wanaque (Brianna Rodriguez)

This is for sure a standout house when it comes to holiday decorations. They went all out with a wide variety of items to make their house as festive as possible. Every square inch of the lawn was fully covered in candy canes, elves, and wreaths. As bright and appealing as the house looks, the entire property has been done very neatly. This house is located on Ramapo Mountain Drive.

Ramapo Mountain Drive in Wanaque (Brianna Rodriguez)

Ramapo Mountain Drive gave us not one, but two houses that make for a great drive by this holiday season. Decorated with only bright sparkly white, this house was cascading with light. They wrapped the trees in the front lawn, the front of the house, the driveway, and the bushes with these twinkling lights. It truly looks like a winter wonderland.

Shepherd Drive in Wanaque (Brianna Rodriguez)

Looking for a full street of Christmas lights – Shepherd Drive is the place to be. The first house, located on the very bottom of the large hill, set the tone for the rest of the street. It had a very large Santa on the right side of the house, and three snowmen on the left side. The house is decorated with more snowmen right next to the door, and lights that line the exterior of the house, as well as the windows. From there, the Christmas spirit keeps going. 

Northgate Road in Wanaque (Sam Stokem)

Simple, yet effective. Striking, but not overdone. This is exactly what a display of alluring holiday lights found on Northgate Road portrays. The home is lined with silver, icicle-like lights, trailing down with a cool glow. Multicoloured blue and green lights circle two small pines either side of the door, shrouding the entrance in a mystical aura. Topped off with an accent of a wreath of the same colour combination, this display truly bears the spirit of the holidays— wonder, serenity, and a touch of childlike bliss. It is but a marvel to observe, showing how celebrating does not have to be overbearing, but just enough to bring nostalgia and joy.

Molinari Drive in Wanaque (Morgan Uhlhorn)

This display is a bit different because there aren’t any lights, it is just a bunch of different blow ups on the front lawn. Even with no traditional lights, it shows holiday spirit. There are a bunch of different Santas, cartoon characters, nutcrackers, and a ton of snowmen. These spectacular blow ups were located on Molinari Drive.  

Eastside Ave in Wanaque (Morgan Uhlhorn)

Forget Santa Claus, this holiday blow up is for Santa Paws! Located on Eastside Ave, this larger-than-life inflatable is the ultimutt Christmas decoration for any dog enthusiast. The blow up features a giant, yet adorable, Saint Bernard, decked out in a Santa hat. And as if the dog’s large size was not already enough to catch your eye, the display has built-in internal lights, making the dog stand out even more come the nighttime. The blow up truly adds such a warm-hearted feel to the neighborhood, because who could resist looking at a dog in a Santa hat and not instantly be filled with joy? 


Top of Skyline Lake in Ringwood (Gabby Davis)

Located at the top of Skyline Lake, these lights are definitely eye-catching. Sprinkled around are trees with bright white lights stretching all the way across the yard, and in the middle of the yard is a colorful makeshift Christmas tree that you can’t miss. The house is beautifully adorned with lights around the entire perimeter of the house and deck, and even has waterfall lights coming down in the front. There’s no denying that a lot of thought and effort was put into this house. They kept it classic with almost all white lights and a soft peaceful winter design.