A Winning Season for 2022 Field Hockey


Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook

Lady Lancer’s fight for possession of ball.

As fall concludes, the girls field hockey team of Lakeland Regional High School looks back on their successful sports season. As a result of their dedication, the girls ended their season with a 12-5-1 record. Although some games were more challenging than others, the team overcame the difficulties and ended up winning a majority of their games.

The team worked hard to learn and grow as a team this season. In an interview with Coach Patty Kebrdle, she speaks about how the “season was great” and the “girls came together as a team.” Difficulties may always be hard to overcome on your own but with the help and support of your teammates, the Lady Lancers found it easier. The team learned this skill and put it into practices and games which resulted in their high winning score.

One of the wins that stuck with Coach Kebrdle and team was the game against Ramsey. An admirable game was played and effort was shown by all of the participants. The game resulted in a score of one to nothing, boosting the team’s confidence.

With so much success this season we can predict more to come in the next following seasons. Coach Kebrdle has made plans “hoping to go to Orlando for preseason training.” This is a new change that the players will hopefully get to experience in the following season.

The fall season was filled with dedication, diligence, and hard work which paid off in the end. This successful season is only the start of many more to come.

A group photo captures unity of the Lakeland girls field hockey team. (Courtesy of LRHS Yearbook)