Lakeland Band’s Moment in American History

Giulia Nichols, Staff Writer

Lakeland Regional High School’s marching band and color guard started the 2018-2019 school year out strong, having a successful start to their season by meeting goals and wowing crowds with their performances.

Katie Telschow, color guard  and assistant band director, reports to the Lancer Ledger that the goal of the Lancer band and guard was to improve the team’s skills, by adding trickier and more difficult techniques as season went on. She adds that they met all of those objectives and more, improving technically, musically, and visually.

The color guard specifically met the goal of adding additional difficult choreography and carrying their characters throughout the entirety of the show.

“Every performance was better than the one before, and it seemed that we connected with every audience at every show,” Ms. Telschow shares.

The 2018 band show was titled “Captured Moments in American History.”

Conor Guzman, senior and the band’s drum major, tells the Ledger, “It was a season to remember. Our show, Captured Moments in American History, brought us back in time to war, peace and celebration.” He adds, “It was very close to my heart, and I am still honored to be the drum major for this show.”

Ms. Telschow credits Guzman for the success this season by filling his role as drum major and being a strong leader of the group. Other key players were senior Elizabeth Maciorowski, student conductor, and junior Renee Smith, front percussion musician.

The band’s standstill performance at the Veteran’s Day concert was on November 7, 2018. Guzman says it was his favorite performance of the season. “This show most likely hit home for a lot of the vets in the audience, as it should,” he said. “I believe we had one or two WWII vets there, and part of our show was involved in WWII.”

While the ending of the fall marching band season is bittersweet, the LRHS community is looking forward to more outstanding performances by the Lakeland band this school year.