Although Disney+ has taken over, we all get a nostalgic feeling when the old-school logo would pop up on our TV. (The Walt Disney Company (Public Domain))
Although Disney+ has taken over, we all get a nostalgic feeling when the old-school logo would pop up on our TV.

The Walt Disney Company (Public Domain)

OUR Disney Channel Shows Rock: Top Ones to Re-Watch

February 17, 2022

Although we are in high school, there is no denying that the shows we used to watch as kids really did shape who we are. Disney Channel is a prime example of this because of its lovable characters, great romances, and fun and action packed episodes. Kids these days don’t know the struggle of having to wake up early or beg to stay up late to watch a brand new episode of their favorite show; they just tune into Disney+.  However, the streaming service did give us older kids something to rejoice about – a reintroduction to our favorite childhood shows. 

When Disney+ started to become popular in the beginning of quarantine, older kids who had “grown too old” for Disney started watching their childhood TV shows again, making everyone remember why the shows were so popular when they were younger. 

Below are the best Disney shows that we used to watch as children, and reasons why they are still binge worthy, even if you consider yourself “too old for Disney”:

Kickin’ It

Let’s be honest, who didn’t watch this when you were younger? The karate show about five best friends – Milton, Eddie, Jerry, Jack and Kim – and their senseis – Rudy and Bobby Wasabi – was one of the funniest around. There were funny sidekick characters, such as Rudy, Jerry, Milton, and Eddie; a great romance between Jack and Kim; and let’s not forget the amazing moves and fight scenes we all dreamed we could do when we were younger. The episodes are jam-packed with funny scenes of the six of them using their moves to get out of many situations. If you need a fun and upbeat show that will make you laugh during the whole thing, you need to watch Kickin’ It.

Disney XD

Phineas and Ferb

If you didn’t want to be able to build all the things that Phineas and Ferb created in the show, did you even watch it? The two brothers who built crazy things in their backyard always caught the eyes of kids turning on their TV. With their sister who made it her life’s passion to get them in trouble, the oblivious parents who had no idea what was going on, and the ongoing battle between the crazy scientist, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and the secret special agent, Perry the Platypus, all these characters and more make the chaotic and fun show even more exciting. Time travels, water slides, and roller coasters is what you will see and remember if you watch the show. The funny dialogue, insane buildings, and funny enemies make the show even more worthwhile than ever. The Lancer Ledger highly recommends this show for anyone who wants to relive their childhood in the best way possible. 

Liv and Maddie

When the Rooney family, who lived in Wisconsin, first came on the screen, everyone loved who they were. The opposite twins, one being a movie star and the other being a basketball star, were more different than anything else. The two sisters have to learn to tolerate each other, and you get to see their hilarious family in the background. Their funny friends, Artie, their brother Joey’s worst enemy, oh and you can’t forget the constant debate of Team Josh or Team Diggy. Overall, every single one of the four seasons were amazing, and are binge-worthy. Everyone wanted to be at least one of the twins, or Parker, the funny, yet very smart youngest brother. This show is a classic, and is definitely high on the recommended list to rewatch, or watch for the first time. 

KC Undercover

In this show, KC Cooper learns that her parents, who she thought were just “boring accountants,” were actually secret undercover spies. The action-packed episodes starring Zendaya are fun to watch, and have you holding your breath the whole time before you see the outcome. KC’s smart brother, Ernie, and robotic sister, Judy, offer comedy and added action for the fun and upbeat show. Every episode has a thrilling story line, and overall, the character’s make the show what it is and  every episode is a must watch.

Austin and Ally

The show starts in Ally Dawson and her father’s music store in the middle of a Miami mall. She meets a soon-to-be superstar Austin Moon, and after he gets famous, the two of them become a little more than friends. With their two other friends, Trish and Dez, the four of them do everything together. The amazing songs that are created by Austin and Ally will have you singing them in your head for weeks at a time, and the “will they happen” romance between Austin and Ally will keep you on your toes every episode. Above all, the friendships created in this show and the heart-felt episodes will make you want to keep watching episode after episode. 

Disney Channel


“Hey Jessie.” This is probably one of the most popular shows growing up. Emma, Ravi, Luke, and Zuri Ross live in a penthouse in New York City and hire a new nanny to take care of them while their parents are gone. Jessie, the nanny, has to learn how to take care of the kids and adjust to a new life in the city. With the grumpy butler, Bertram, and Ravi’s lizard, Mrs. Kipling, Jessie has gotten a lot on her plate within a short amount of time. Watching this show, you get to see the crazy lives of the Ross kids, and how everyone around has to learn how to deal with their new living situation. This show will have you laughing and wishing you could be a part of their crazy family.  

Lab Rats

This TV show was one of the Disney Channel shows that was not as realistic as the others. The bionic superheroes Bree, Chase, and Adam finally get the opportunity to become normal teenagers that get to go to school. They learn, however, that everything is not as easy as it seems, and their younger (human) brother, Leo, has to help them navigate their way through the human world. Like most, if not all, Disney theme songs, the theme is upbeat and catchy, making the introduction to the show a fun wait. If you want a fictional Disney Channel show, this is a top show for its crazy superpowers, likable characters, and funny dialogue that makes people laugh and continue turning on their TV.

Good Luck Charlie

The Duncan family who lives in Denver, Colorado is adjusting to the birth of a younger sister, Charlie. The oldest daughter, Teddy, decides to make a documentary for Charlie when she is older. The funny show shows the characters struggles and successes with romances, friendships, and everything else that comes with life. This show is great if you want an upbeat and funny show, with great characters to back that up. 

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