Hello Realtime, Goodbye PowerSchool


Realtime has both student and parent apps.

Joe Higgins, Staff Writer

Lakeland Regional High School made some big changes for the 2018-2019 school year. One of the biggest changes was switching to Realtime to record and access grades and attendance, abandoning the previously used PowerSchool.

Mr. Hugh Beattie, the school’s superintendent, supports the change and reports that it will be a better system for LRHS. On the switch, he said, “PowerSchool failed to help with suggestions we gave them and just did not give or provide the services and the quality [the company] used to.”

According to the company’s website, Realtime “is an all-in-one student information system” that lets teachers, students, and guardians access grades and attendance.

Realtime is a New-Jersey based company that provides services to 20% of New Jersey school districts. The system also boasts that it can save districts money by having the same features as other programs but needing less data to run and store them. 

Students at Lakeland Regional have mixed reviews on the system. Ty Salameno, an 11th grader, said, “It was very frustrating in the beginning of the year,” because he could not figure out how to get access to the system, which has since been resolved. However, 11 grader Tyler Mursch said, “The switch was great for my family and I. It gave my parents quick access to my grades, and it let me make sure I am caught up with my work.”

The Realtime apps for students and parents are live. Download them your phone’s app store today – Realtime Link for Student and Realtime Link for Parents.