STOPit App: An Easy Way to Keep Our School Safe


Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

LRHS is taking the initiative to stop bullying and vandalism through the use of the STOPit app. You can download it today.

The days of tattling are over! The STOPit app was introduced in the fall of 2020 and gives students of Lakeland Regional High School the opportunity to report things that may be harmful to the school in one way or another, completely anonymously. 

The STOPitIt app is a platform where students are able to report things going on in the school community, unnamed. 

The Lancer Ledger had the opportunity to catch up with Student Assistance Coordinator Ms. Kelly Norton about the school’s newest and latest tool. Although a potential user may have some doubts about whether or not the app is legitimately helpful and won’t throw users under the bus if they report things, Ms. Norton helped clear up any confusion and answered some questions. 

“It is thorough and user friendly,” Ms. Norton said. 

When asked if she was worried bullies maybe taking advantage of the anonymous aspect of the app and using it to pick on others without a trace, she said she wasn’t at all worried because she receives notifications of every report and that the app allows for ways an administrator can stop and prevent a problem if any user is using the app for negative reasons. 

The app also has a team of who oversees messages and notifications throughout the evening, just in case an emergency arises at the night so help can be sent.

This year sure has been weird and unpredictable, so the app didn’t really hit the ground running; however Ms. Norton stated, “I hope that once our school schedule returns to normal, more students will take advantage of this app.” 

With schools still adjusting to the rapid changes and protocols of COVID, Ms. Norton says she wouldn’t change anything about the app, but she is always looking forward to critiques and requests that can help improve it. 

Ms. Norton also feels the STOPit app is extremely effective and will be very helpful to the school community when the school system hopefully goes back to normal next year.