Team 223 competed with their robot ¨The_Compliant_Flambe¨ to rank 55 in the world.

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Robotics Team: Another Successful Season

June 10, 2019

Team 223 – Xtreme Heat, LRHS’ Robotics Team, had one of the most successful seasons in the school’s history, competing in the Robotics World Championships in Detroit, Michigan over spring break 2019.

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Team members ready to compete at the World Championships.

Team 223 competed with their robot, ¨The_Compliant_Flambe.” Their season, which was led by Mr. Randy Coren, adviser of the robotics team, was a solid one, with a 25-26-2 record, ranking them at 55 in the world while earning them a total of 88 points.

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Team 223 taking home the Team Spirit Award at Regionals.

The team worked hard together, which was evident in them winning the Team Spirit Award and creating a robot that was fast and in speed and movement. In an interview with The Ledger, Mr. Coren said, ¨Our robot could put up the most amount of points. We were probably top 15% in the world in scoring.’’

This top scoring robot and talented group of students brought Team 223 to the quarter finals of the World Championships. According to Team 233’s official website, in order to gain points in this year’s Deep Space theme, robots would have to load cargo into their two rockets by shooting a ball in a bin, which could get you three points, or placing a ball in a bin, which would get you two points.

Lakeland’s Live Feed
Wierer pictured with Mr. Coren, wins the Mid Atlantic Robotics Dean’s List.

Over the whole season, the team had some minor setbacks, but they were able to overcome them. Member of the robotics team, sophomore Jake Wierer told The Ledger, “Our robot went through 2 or 3 major redesigns this season. Over the whole season we ended up changing our robot twice to help us put up as many point as we possibly could.¨

Clearly, the redesigned brought the team far and helped them find great success. Not only did the team compete and do great at during the World Championship, they also scored big at the Bridgewater District Competition and the Mid Atlantic District Championship.

The teams skill and creativity land them in a good spot this year. Hopefully next year, they will be able to do better and land a higher spot in the competitions.

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